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  • Winchester SX4 Hybrid Hunter Woodland Shotgun

    Winchester SX4 Hybrid Hunter Woodland Shotgun Gotta love the new durable camo coverage and protected metal-part finish on the new Winchester firearms in this modern world. The Winchester® Super X4 Hybrid Hunter Woodland features a classic Woodland camouflage paired with a Cerakote Flat Dark Earth finish on the receiver and barrel. The is combination is an functional eye-catching performer. Rain or shine, fast cycling is never an issue ... Read More >
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  • Tracks in the Snow

    Tracks in the Snow Kids love the winter cold and sparkly snow! Birds, squirrels, deer, mice and more…all tell a story of their journey. The coffee tastes especially good on snowy mornings…a good time to share quiet time.   By Larry Whiteley In the quietness of the early morning, he sat staring out the window at icicles hanging from the roof. The same white scene greeted his eyes as ... Read More >
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  • One Man – His Fishing, His Family, His Favorite Boat

    One Man - His Fishing, His Family, His Favorite Boat 64-year-old Polar Kraft Jon Boat looks and works even better now than it did in 1957! Memories are one key to future fishing fun, make them with your family Humble Pat Richardson has won 43 fishing tournaments, his story follows By David Gray One thing can be said about the sport of fishing, it doesn’t take long for extraordinary memories to start. Pat Richardson, ... Read More >
  • National Deer Association (NDA) has Solid Plan to Empower Deer Hunters

    National Deer Association (NDA) has Solid Plan to Empower Deer Hunters Education, Biology, Legislation, Recruitment included in the new plan. Karlin Dawson named as Deer Outreach Specialist to Work with Missouri Conservation (MDC) Special focus on Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) and Field-to-Fork Programs During July 2020, the National Deer Alliance and the Quality Deer Management Association joined forces to merge their two groups, combine the strengths, resources and core initiatives to better serve deer ... Read More >
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  • Firearm Industry Embraces Real Solutions Over NEW Gun Control Call

    Demands that Congress ban the modern sporting rifle (MSR). Call to repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), a law passed with wide bipartisan support. Reality of crime is that more murders are committed with knives, fists and clubs than all rifles combined. With a reminder note from the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) in Newtown, CT – the anniversary ... Read More >
  • Public Access Cleared to 32,900 Acres of Wyoming Mountains for Summer-2021

    Public Access Cleared to 32,900 Acres of Wyoming Mountains for Summer-2021 Hunters, anglers and others will soon have access to more than 32,900 acres of previously difficult to reach public land in the Sublette Mountain Range of western Wyoming. Working in partnership with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) and others, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation assisted with the purchase of an important access agreement. “Creating and improving public access is ... Read More >
  • Delicious Venison Gumbo – for 10

    Delicious Venison Gumbo - for 10By Fern Fisher The perfect quick-to-make meal for Super Bowl Sunday, or any other day. Most everyone has these simple ingredients in their everyday pantry. Ingredients: 2 lbs ground venison 6 cups of diced (3/8 inch) white potatoes 2 cups diced sweet white onion 2 cups sliced celery 2 cups sliced carrots 2 TBS minced garlic 1 TBS table salt 1 TBS black pepper 1 TBS basil 3 TBS salted butter Two ... Read More >
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  • Spring is an active time for wildlife!

    Spring is an active time for wildlife! Be prepared for encounters, do your best not to disturb them Springtime is an active time for wildlife in Florida, with sea turtles beginning to nest on beaches, manatees leaving their warm-water winter refuges and gopher tortoises starting to stir outside their burrows. With warmer weather, a variety of species around the state are following their internal biological clocks that tell them ... Read More >