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  • Calling ALL Professional Outdoor Communicators   

    Calling ALL Professional Outdoor Communicators   
    Conference Event for Outdoor Storytellers: June 12-15, 2023 – Broken Arrow, Oklahoma Learn “How-To” create Social Media links that generate Effective Distribution Relationships POMA members “Network with Industry” at this Annual Meeting/Learning Session By David Gray The Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) is a vibrant group of communicators that share content-creation ideas and foster teaching moments about the modern, changing world of the outdoors. The ...
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  • The Old Oak Tree

    The Old Oak Tree
    The old giant Oak Tree was a friend to me and my family, and so many others.  For about 200 years, the old Oak Tree was here for the Osage Indians, the early settlers, the farmers, and us. With thousands of sunrise and sunset moments, this tree shared the character of our land.   By Larry Whiteley For over 50 years, an old oak tree ...
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  • Catching Saltwater Fish – Keep it Simple

    Catching Saltwater Fish - Keep it Simple
    Light rods, light lines, artificial lures and lots of fish. Finding the forage and simulating their size and color was key. Savvy lures, special action-assist knots, using stealth – learning the how-to. Fun fishing near Pine Island, Florida. By Forrest Fisher Just before sunrise, it was still dark, I was greeted with a friendly handshake and a confident, fish-catching happy face by Captain Dave Chorazak ...
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  • The Hunting Wire is looking for Voice of Leadership Panelists  Special interest in voices from the guide/outfitting realm, ammunition communities, archery communities, local/state/federal agencies If you’re interested, send me an email at The Hunting Wire team would like to thank you for helping us grow in 2023. We are bigger and better than ever, mainly due to you – our readers. Thank ...
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  • Birds on the Fly…Bang…Puff – Making Powderful Memories

    Birds on the Fly...Bang...Puff - Making Powderful Memories
    It’s a good idea before heading out – Discuss the obvious. At all times, treat the gun as if loaded. Go over the common rules – Embed them even if you know them. Assure to use the proper gauge and ammo type, check it twice. The shooter sequence  – The shotgun shell goes into the gun ONLY when on a shooting station ...
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  • How to Prepare and Smoke Black Bear Backstraps

    How to Prepare and Smoke Black Bear Backstraps
    I like Simple We all Like Delicious By Forrest Fisher Across the country where black bear hunting is allowed, harvesting a black bear means more than just a fabulous rug. Bear meat is delicious and healthy when properly cared for in the field and during transport and storage. Generally, bear meat tastes similar to venison – it’s wild uncontaminated red meat, though it ...
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