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  • Custom Fishing Rod Builder: Tom Marks

    Rod length, sensitivity, power, flex…all these factors matter Setting the hook, it’s the best feeling with a rod you helped design Rattlesnake skin and other custom handles personalize rods to the individual By Bob Holzhei “The sensitivity in any fishing rod can be determined by placing the tip of the rod against your throat while another person holds the other end of the rod.  ... Read More >
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  • Campfire’s Light the Night

    Gentle flames dance and flicker before you Light the night, cook food, share time Story-telling, memories, peaceful thinking – its magical By Larry Whiteley There’s something really special about time spent around a campfire. Smoke drifts away or gets in your face. Wood crackles and pops. Flames dance and flicker. Sparks float hypnotically upward into a dark night sky. A campfire makes you feel better. ... Read More >
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  • New Age Fishing

    What would Gramps Say? By Brent Frazee I wonder what Gramps would think. Sixty years ago, things were pretty simple when we went fishing. He had a small aluminum boat, an old Johnson motor, an anchor, a few rods and reels, and a coffee can full of worms. Gramps was our GPS and the anchor rope was our depth finder. Gramps had the rope ... Read More >
  • Turkey Hunting Lingo – Tom or Hen? Keep this handy pocket guide! FREE

    Did you know what they call a SNOOD of the turkey?  What are Turkey Caruncles? Tom or Hen? Easy way to tell is illustrated below By Forrest Fisher As hunters, we never stop learning.  Folks in different parts of the country call turkey by different local slang terms at times, not counting the different turkey breeds, but overall, turkeys are turkeys. Their parts have ... Read More >
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  • Steyr Arms USA Unveils their “Elite Experience” – Includes Free Training

    Last month at SHOT Show, Steyr Arms USA CEO Scott O’Brien unveiled the company’s newest and boldest plan for the American market, the Steyr Elite Experience. Based on the foundation of four pillars of performance: Limited lifetime warranty Sub-minute-of-angle guarantee on all bolt-action rifles Free world-class training for buyers of almost every Steyr rifle Host of elite VIP privileges Steyr Arms USA is proving that ... Read More >
  • Alabama Turkey Season Opens Saturday, March 16 (in Most Alabama Counties)

    Delayed season dates on select WMAs Spring turkey season will open March 16, 2019, and close April 30 for most Alabama counties. In 2018, the Conservation Advisory Board passed a motion that set the start date for turkey season as the third Saturday in March each year. The decision was made to allow as many hens as possible to breed before the ... Read More >
  • Florida Wild Turkey Cottage Pie

    Ingredients 1 ½ cups Florida green beans, cooked until tender crisp 1 ½ cups Florida sweet corn, cooked and cut off the cob 1 cups carrots, cooked 1 cup brown gravy (homemade or store bought) 2 cups mashed potatoes (homemade or store bought) Sea salt and fresh ground pepper, to taste Preparation Preheat oven to 350 degrees and spray a baking dish with quick release spray. Beginning with ... Read More >
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  • Out of the Classroom & Into the Great Outdoors – the WOLF School Program

    A School that Changes the Lives of Kids from 5th grade on Wolf School Program creates Conservationists Inspiration, Passion, Empowerment is Learned Here By Larry Whiteley The amount of time kids spend outdoors in nature is at an all-time low. Time in front of a television, playing video games and time on smart phones is at an all-time high. A recent study by the ... Read More >