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  • 4-H Shooting Sports in Missouri

    Youth Learn Marksmanship Youth Learn the Safe and Responsible Use of Firearms Youth Learn the Principles of Hunting and Archery Youth Develop LIFE SKILLS, SELF-WORTH and CONSERVATION ETHICS By David Gray The University of Missouri, located in the city of Columbia, is like many State Universities as it offers a large, sprawling campus complex.  I have been on campus many times over the years, but ... Read More >
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  • Trulock Dove Choke Tube TEST RESULTS With Federal High Bird Shotshells

    By George Trulock We recently tested two similar dove loads from Federal using our new Trulock Dove Choke in the Mid-Range choke constriction. The choke that we used for these specific tests was of the extended mobile style and had a .707 inch exit diameter. The shotgun used was a Benelli Super Nova with a .724 inch bore which works out to a .017 ... Read More >
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  • NSSF Opens 2018 BSA Grant Program for Applications

    July 3, 2018; NEWTOWN, Conn. — The National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®), the trade association for the firearms industry, is pleased to announce the launch of its annual grants partnership with the Boy Scouts of America Councils. Through this partnership, individual BSA Councils can receive a portion of $100,000 in NSSF-provided grant funds for use in developing and expanding their ... Read More >
  • Going to Disneyworld or WOW?

    Johnny Morris, the Walt Disney of the Outdoors, Opened WOW in 2017 Museum offers more than 1.5 miles in Authentic, Immersive Habitats Celebrating People who Hunt, Fish and Act as Stewards of the Land and Water Walk to the depths of the Ocean here! By David Gray Thinking about taking the kids to Disneyworld?  It’s expensive, but you know the kids enjoy it.  Did you ... Read More >
  • STRONG AS AN OXX…Camp Coffee when You Want It

       Like Coffee? Get Camping Much? You Might Need This.  Portable TOUGH Coffee Maker that Takes Any K-Cup. My Search is Over! By Larry Whiteley A recent Harvard School of Public Health study showed 54% of Americans drink coffee and you can count me into that percentage. I enjoy my coffee as I sit at my desk in the early morning hours writing articles and piloting ... Read More >
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  • National Program Critical for Recreational Access

      MISSOULA, Mont.—A funding mechanism with a long name provides long-lasting benefits for hunters, anglers, hikers and others seeking improved access to America’s wild landscapes. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation recently partnered with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to leverage more than $1 million in appropriations from the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) Priority Recreation Access program to open ... Read More >