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  • Grocery Shopping with My Best Friend

    Grocery Shopping with My Best Friend
    By Larry Whiteley Have you been to the grocery store lately? I went with my wife the other day and was totally shocked. Usually, I don’t pay much attention to what she spends on groceries. Since it was just the two of us, I always figured it couldn’t cost too much. The grocery cart was not anywhere near full, and it ...
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  • Simple Spinners Fool Smart Summer Fish – “Andy Magic!”

    Simple Spinners Fool Smart Summer Fish - "Andy Magic!"
    Muskoka Lake Fishing Fun for walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass and largemouth bass Single-blade spinner rigs fool big and little fish…when presented in the “fish zone.” How-to, what-to, when-to with expert angler, Andy Wilbur, sharing one of his secrets. By Forrest Fisher You know, the older we get, the more we forget! I discovered this last week during a fun fishing trip with good ...
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  • When do Illinois Ladies Bag a GIANT Triple-Spur Turkey?

    When do Illinois Ladies Bag a GIANT Triple-Spur Turkey?
    Answer: During the 2022 Illinois turkey hunting season! 25-pound bird, 12-inch beard, double-triple spurs…UNREAL. Full camo shotgun, full camo boots and garb, 25-yards, aim, squeeze, shot – BANG…BIRD DOWN. A surreal moment after harvest, it will last me FOR ALL TIME. By Dawn Redner, with Forrest Fisher The Illinois turkey season was open and, honestly, I was itching to get out there. I had a ...
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  • Birds on the Fly…Bang…Puff – Making Powderful Memories

    Birds on the Fly...Bang...Puff - Making Powderful Memories
    It’s a good idea before heading out – Discuss the obvious. At all times, treat the gun as if loaded. Go over the common rules – Embed them even if you know them. Assure to use the proper gauge and ammo type, check it twice. The shooter sequence  – The shotgun shell goes into the gun ONLY when on a shooting station ...
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  • Smoked Wild Turkey Breast…EZ Recipe

    Smoked Wild Turkey Breast...EZ Recipe
    By Karen Lutto Ingredients: 1 Boned Wild Turkey Breast Hi Mountain Seasonings Game Bird and Poultry Brine Kit Hi Mountain Seasonings Rib Rub Olive Oil Directions: In a non-metal container, prepare the Hi Mountain Seasonings Game Bird and Poultry Brine following the instructions included in the brine kit. Place the turkey breast into the brine and refrigerate for 24 hours. Remove the turkey breast from the brine and ...
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  • Thank you to our Military Heroes…with Lee Greenwood

    Thank you to our Military Heroes...with Lee Greenwood
    By David Gray I grew up in a place that had many heroes. That place was the United States of America. During the time that I grew up, we did not need the news channels to tell us who our heroes should be. Though true heroes were pointed out to us so we would see them. We learned about the actions that made them heroes. Mom, ...
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