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  • A Fillet Knife to Love…from Knives of Alaska

    A Fillet Knife to Love...from Knives of Alaska
    Flexibility, sharpness, perfect balance, and made in the U.S.A. Sure-fire handle grip, orange in color: It’s easy to find! A lifetime guarantee promotes how good it is before purchase.   By Forrest Fisher A newbie in my gear room would definitely notice that I like to collect knives. Each is handsome, and they can all cut bread, but they each have a purpose. Some ...
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  • Leave an Outdoor Legacy

    Leave an Outdoor Legacy
    Outdoor lessons learned early in life build great memories for the future. Take the time to share the outdoors with those you love. Be patient, explain the details, laugh and learn together – strong bonds form. By Larry Whiteley My 12-year-old grandson, Hunter, and my 10-year-old granddaughter, Anna, were going deer hunting for the first time. Hunter came with me. Anna went with my ...
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  • Western New York for Whale-Sized Walleye

    Western New York for Whale-Sized Walleye
    Thriving with walleye and smallmouth bass, Lake Erie is the most biologically productive of all the Great Lakes. The “Come-Fish-Lake Erie Program” provides one and all with access to many choices of affordable charter fishing services. Fishing with artificial lures, live bait, and planer boards – Lake Erie walleye fishing from Chautauqua County, NY, was exciting, educational AND tasty! By Dr. Peter Brookes As ...
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  • Real Men Do Cry…Sometimes

    Real Men Do Cry...Sometimes
    My dad didn’t allow me to cry, but I cried when I shot my first bird.  The big boys don’t cry and real men don’t cry rule gradually faded away after my dad passed. Men need to know there is nothing wrong with showing emotions. That does not make them any less man. By Larry Whiteley  I still remember the day vividly in ...
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  • Birds on the Fly…Bang…Puff – Making Powderful Memories

    Birds on the Fly...Bang...Puff - Making Powderful Memories
    It’s a good idea before heading out – Discuss the obvious. At all times, treat the gun as if loaded. Go over the common rules – Embed them even if you know them. Assure to use the proper gauge and ammo type, check it twice. The shooter sequence  – The shotgun shell goes into the gun ONLY when on a shooting station ...
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  • Fishing, Family, Fun and Country Music! All in Branson, Missouri

    Fishing, Family, Fun and Country Music! All in Branson, Missouri
    Country Music, Nature Trails, Fishing, Great Food, Museums, and the Aquarium on the Boardwalk. Klondike-like gold rush music boom started in the 1980s – it’s even better now. The Osage Indians were first here in Branson. Perhaps they were drawn here by the fantastic fishing.  By David Gray My old friend Larry Whiteley asked me if I could describe Branson, Missouri, in just three ...
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  • How to Prepare and Smoke Black Bear Backstraps

    How to Prepare and Smoke Black Bear Backstraps
    I like Simple We all Like Delicious By Forrest Fisher Across the country where black bear hunting is allowed, harvesting a black bear means more than just a fabulous rug. Bear meat is delicious and healthy when properly cared for in the field and during transport and storage. Generally, bear meat tastes similar to venison – it’s wild uncontaminated red meat, though it ...
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  • The People Whose Land This Was

    The People Whose Land This Was
    Thanksgiving has a significant meaning for Americans, but an even more substantial meaning for Native Indians.  Black Friday is not just about pre-holiday sales, it is also Native American Heritage Day! Native Indian spirituality, tradition, and conservation ethics emphasize gratitude for creation, care for the environment, and recognition of the human need for communion with nature and others. By Larry Whiteley November is a ...
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