• Fishing

    Teeing Off for Bass

    October 27th, 2016
    -Lake of the Ozarks and Old Kinderhook Golf Course COMBO -Meet Dion Hibdon and many other Pro Bass Anglers -Affordable Tickets for Meet & Greet/Banquet, Open to Public By Brent Frazee So, what do bass fishing and golf have in common? Not a lot if you’re Dion Hibdon, a nationally known pro bass fisherman.  Except for a few days each fall at Lake of the Ozarks. That’s when pro bass fishermen team with golfers to compete in the Missouri Invitational Fish and Golf Pro-Am...
  • Hunting

    Crossbow Deer

    October 25th, 2016
    -Boundless Potential -Youth Replenished for Aging Hunters By Jim Low Only 7 a.m., and my mind already wandered.  The temperature was in the low 40s, not bad for bowhunting in early October.  I was excited about being in my favorite tree stand, 20 yards from the intersection of two deer trails, a creek and a clover field.  Yet, I had to discipline myself to stay a while longer before climbing down to have breakfast and run errands.  A moment later I was very glad I had. A flash...
  • Shooting

    New Ruger Rimfire, 1-Button Takedown

    October 17th, 2016
    - Innovative Idea for Simplicity - Ruger Mark IV Offers Enhanced Safety My wife loves her Ruger .22 caliber rimfire handgun, she was excited to hear about the new Mark IV improvements becaue she has a Ruger Mark III right now. She says, “The Mark Series of Ruger handguns are real firearms. Made from solid metal, my Ruger is durable, it shoots where you aim and it is not costly to have hours of fun at the practice range.” Just a few weeks ago, Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE-RGR)...
  • Guides & Outfitters

    When Lake Erie Charter Captains Meet

    September 20th, 2016
    Trolling, Casting? Stickbaits or Live Bait? Depth, Direction, Lure Details and GPS Numbers The sky doesn’t fall in when charter captains meet, but secrets may be shared and debated. If you were a fly on the wall, you might want to be there. The knowledge of professional fishing guides and Great Lakes charter captains is one of those fishing resource elements that all who fish yearn to know more about – the guides know so many details. They understand the important elements of water...
  • Conservation

    Asian Carp Blitz in Kentucky

    October 26th, 2016
    -November 8-10, 2016 -Goal: Asian Carp Population Survey -Benefit: Collected Fish Sold to Fish Processors By Forrest Fisher If you have ever fished Kentucky Lake or Barkley Lake for bass or crappie, especially in a tournament, you might have some idea about the size of the Asian Carp population there, but it’s just an idea.  There are lots of ‘em!  Anglers can catch them occasionally when fishing for game fish species.  They fight incredibly hard and are fun to land until you...
  • Travel

    Lake of the Ozarks – Part 2

    August 23rd, 2016
    Ozarks Attractions Abound Above and Beneath the Water, and Below the Ground Too Leaving Alhonna Resort on the shores of Lake of the Ozarks was bittersweet. We felt we had only scratched the surface and we begged for more as we pulled away in our Chevy Tahoe. The Tahoe was made for this terrain. Every driveway seemed perpendicular along the lake, dealing with the tops of the hills that now surrounded the lake after the valleys below were flooded back in 1931. We were driving the 2016 LTZ version,...
  • Cooking

    Tealgating – Outdoor Cooking for Hunters

    September 21st, 2016
    My first forays into cooking anything other than scrambled eggs often involved ground beef and cream of mushroom soup. Those dishes weren’t sophisticated, but they were fast, easy and sustaining for a college student for whom “middle-age spread” was still several years away. Campbell’s got less and less of my business as my waistline expanded and my cholesterol level climbed. Until a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t remember the last time I heard the delicious slurp of a slug of condensed...
  • Love of the Sport

    Waterfront Sunsets are Blazing and Breathtaking

    August 29th, 2016
    As our hot summer days of 2016 begin their change toward September, weather front patterns have provided chilling wind directions from the northwest with occasional daytime waterspouts over ports and shorelines along the Great Lakes. Waterspouts are startling and extraordinary to view. Such days are often closely followed by a clearing sky and pivotal sunset that tenders the incredible “orange-glow” of reproductive energy for the next day. The late summer sunset along the shorelines of...
  • People Places Products

    Screen Tent for Winter Beach Protection

    October 27th, 2016
    -CLAM 1660 Mag Screen Tent -Big, Safe, Light, Portable, Inexpensive -SPF-50 and UV Protection By Forrest Fisher Ever noticed that it seems to take an outdoorsman or an outdoor group to come up with the best of the best ideas for outdoor use?  It’s so true. That’s why one of the Screen Tents (Quick-Set Escape Shelters) by CLAM seems to hit the nail on the head for protection from flying bug critters all year long.  No matter where you live, there are pesky insects of some...