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  • The Old Oak Tree

    The Old Oak Tree
    The old giant Oak Tree was a friend to me and my family, and so many others.  For about 200 years, the old Oak Tree was here for the Osage Indians, the early settlers, the farmers, and us. With thousands of sunrise and sunset moments, this tree shared the character of our land.   By Larry Whiteley For over 50 years, an old oak tree ...
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  • How to Choose the Perfect Fly Rod

    How to Choose the Perfect Fly Rod
    Find the Perfect Fly Rod FOR YOU. FISH SPECIES – a big factor in determining Fly Rod Selection. Rod Length, Line Weight, and Rod Action are among the CRITICAL CHOICE FACTORS. By Lacy Jo Jumper A thoughtfully-selected fly rod can make or break the on-the-water experience, and knowing which type you need isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. Fly rods vary in ...
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  • Birds on the Fly…Bang…Puff – Making Powderful Memories

    Birds on the Fly...Bang...Puff - Making Powderful Memories
    It’s a good idea before heading out – Discuss the obvious. At all times, treat the gun as if loaded. Go over the common rules – Embed them even if you know them. Assure to use the proper gauge and ammo type, check it twice. The shooter sequence  – The shotgun shell goes into the gun ONLY when on a shooting station ...
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  • Tasty Chicken Wings…It’s Football Playoff Finger-Food Time!

    Tasty Chicken Wings...It's Football Playoff Finger-Food Time!
    Crispy chicken wings or meaty chicken drumsticks – perfect for football games! You can fry, grill, smoke, or bake the wings at the tailgate or the house. Dust your wings with Trail Dust, Cajun Cowboy, or Pineapple Siracha seasoning for more kick. The Hi Mountain Seasonings Chicken Wing Bundle ( has everything needed for the perfect taste. By Forrest Fisher The 2023 football playoffs are ...
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