Harvest is about Understanding the Weeds

….Sportsmen must help Teach Corporations this Message

ConservationIf we can see that the Earth and everything in it holds as much value and worth as the value of people themselves, then we might be headed in the right direction toward changing the mindset of over-harvest. Robin Kimmerer’s native people lived life by minimizing harm to plants and all living things around them.

They provided a good example for the rest of today’s world to consider an everyday task. Instead of take, consume, and repeat, we as modern people need to be smarter, we need to harvest, but conserve what we have.

We only have one Earth, so full of life that can give us so much, so many natural wonders, and modern culture participants (corporations) often only perceive it as simple property, something to harvest infinitely, something to own and make profit. They seem understand the value of oil, and wood, and meat, but they do not understand the value of the soil, of trees, of life.

We know that life in the outdoors is bigger than that. We need a better way to teach the people who live life in the indoors just how much bigger.

When we lose diversity of life species of any type, we also lose knowledge and wisdom. We lose the possible trail to a medicine or DNA root that could have led to a cure for serious diseases that still befuddle modern man, such as cancer. We risk the loss of a different direction in thinking that could supersede the status quo, we lose intelligence.

Sportsmen as conservationists need to remember that we have the right to harvest and we also have a larger duty to assure continued generations of that species of harvested fish, plant, tree or animal. All are equally important to all of us. Tell the corporations of the world this same message. Teach this to others and work to spread the word!