2015 LUND Impact 1850 XS Review

LUND 1850 Impact XS

LUND 1850 Impact XS

Real world boat tests are always the best. They answer the questions of how will this boat run, ride, fish and perform after purchase. The test of this 2015 LUND 1850 Impact XS was very real. We had scheduled an on the water testing with its new owner prior to participation in a fishing competition on Lake Minnetonka near Minneapolis Minnesota. Boat test date was September 27, 2015.

The staff and team of Share-the-Outdoors are not professional marine test personnel.    We are passionate anglers with heavy experience using many boats. We write product and boat reviews from a user point of view.   We may not include some technical specifications like the grade of rivets used but we do include what the boat will do for its owner.   We think what the boat will do, how it runs, performs and fishes is the information we all need to know.

Getting information about a boat from a sales person in a dealership is always helpful. Our boat tests information comes from a slightly different perspective.   Let us know if you like the way we do our boat testing.

Performance of the LUND 1850 Impact XS

The lake conditions were challenging! A windy day combined with a sunny warm weekend created heavy wind waves blending with heavy boat traffic to provide a mix-master of quartering waves in every conceivable size coming from every direction. Experienced boat operators can adjust a boat for optimum ride using a combination of throttle, motor trim, and angle of boat direction. Not so easy to set up for a cauldron of waves crashing into each other from boat waves and wind, but the LUND Impact XS handled this well.

Like all aluminum LUND’s this 1850 Impact XS was solid. Let me repeat that this boat was SOLID.   Despite extreme wave conditions the 1850 Impact XS exhibited the strength and structural integrity LUND is famous for. Pounding thru the waves this boat felt like it was made out of solid metal. We have to give it 5 Stars for rough water strength and hull rigidity.

A stable platform for fishing is important for all fishing boats. Some Deep V boats do not excel as a stable fishing platform but the 1850 Impact XS was stable and exceeded our expectations.

We put the boat thru moderate and high speed turns in waves from every direction and the boat handled the turns like a pro.   No bucking or jumping between the waves.   The 1850 Impact XS tracked well thru the turns.

The 1850 Impact XS was powered with a Mercury 150HP four stroke outboard engine. The motor and boat matched up well and the boat jumped on plane with 3 people aboard using 75% throttle.   We were greatly impressed with the Mercury 150 four- stroke.   It was quiet, very responsive to throttle change, and delivered exceptional smooth power.   The very rough water conditions prevented us from performing wide open throttle high speed runs but the boat achieved 46 MPH in considerable wave conditions with the throttle at approximately 75 to 80%. The motor was equipped with a 3 blade stainless steel prop.

The fit, finish and workmanship were exceptional.   Credit goes to the LUND manufacturing brand.   If you are in the market for a quality Deep V in the 18 to 19 feet range that will serve you fishing and taking the family for a boat ride or ski run then the LUND 1850 Impact XS is a good choice.

Specifications of boat tested: LUND 1850 Impact XS
Length: 18.7 ft.
Beam:   94 in.
HP: 150 Four Stroke Mercury equipped with 3 blade stainless steel prop.
Hull: IPS-Integrated Power Strake with double plated bow.
Chine width: 79.5 in.
Fuel capacity: 32 gallon.

Lund Boats website:     www.lundboats.com