The Power of Good

Alabama Power

Alabama Power is Helping Each Other Make a Difference

Alabama PowerThis past October, President David Gray, CEO of the new website service,, met with energy giant, Alabama Power Company, an electricity corporation that supplies half of the power to Alabama. The large corporation that serves over 1.4 million customers while managing 14 hydro-facilities along the Coosa, Tallapoosa and Black Warrior Rivers, is not just an ordinary corporation, it’s a corporation that gives back. Alabama Power has many programs that provide grants for schools in sports, education, and conservation.

They have contributed over $150 million since Alabama Power was created, on over 90 programs that are centralized around the environment, education, art, health, and community. Their environment sector focuses most heavily on environmental education, offering 14 grants that support programs that teach about environmental conservation in classrooms, and 6 grants to offer outdoor learning in schools. One grant was awarded to Brookwood High School, which used the $7500 given to build a sustainable outdoor garden to grow plants. The Agriculture Career Class uses the classroom almost every day, studying how to propagate plants and manage erosion, giving youth an opportunity they never would have had without the grant.

In addition to their multiple grants, Alabama Power has their own volunteer system, called the Alabama Power Service Organization (APSO). These volunteers provides their hands and time with ongoing projects or events throughout the community. One event, held last May (2015), was a three day event called Just Gone Fishin’, which indulges children and shows them the joy of fishing by teaching them about baits, life jackets, and of course giveaways of rods and reels so they can continue to experience fishing after the session. This event would not have been possible without over 100 volunteers from the APSO, who helped kids bait hooks, learn about safety and kept the event running smoothly.

This company is instilling knowledge about the environment for current and future generations currently in the learning process, when so many schools do not have a set curriculum for teaching environmental science at all. Alabama Power goes above and beyond, when placed in comparison to many other similar power companies across the country that offer few or no outreach or volunteer programs. Alabama Power is not compelled to do any of the work they do. Alabama Power could choose to not offer any of these programs and would still be a great company, but maybe that is what makes them even a better company. Alabama Power does not have to offer grants and support for volunteer programs, but they do anyway. It seems to me, that Alabama Power really makes a positive difference. That is the power of good!