Ice Fishing – “Be a Line Watcher”

Ice Fishing

People are often shocked when I take them fishing or present a seminar at a sport show and tell them that many days when I am successful, I won’t feel a single fish bite.

They always respond the same way, by asking, “If you don’t feel them bite, how do you know you have them on?”

The answer is that I’ve become a line watcher.

In other words, I keep my eyes glued on the short section of line between my rod tip and where it enters the water. And if I see it tighten up, even slightly, I know that a fish has taken my bait.

Just as often, however, I’ll often see the line go limp, signalling a bite as well. Crappies, in particular, are notorious for spotting your bait, rising up ever so slowly, sucking it in and swimming up even higher. When they do it, you’ll see your line go slightly slack, signalling a bite.

But enough words. Click on the following short video and watch as I explain how you can double, triple, maybe even quadruple the number of fish you catch this winter, simply by watching your line.

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  1. When River fishing for Steelhead it is good to watch your line. When using a three way swivel, the line will tighten when hitting the bottom. Most of the time when getting bite, the line will go slack for a instant, while the fish lifts the sinker off the bottom. It’s a feeling that only comes with experience. Then hang on.

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