IceArmor® Clam Dry Skinz Gloves

DRY SKINZ Photo1Staying Dry, Keeping Warm – a Winter Priority

If you are an avid angler, hunter, or love to participate in anything outdoors, you have DRY SKINZ Photo2likely seen or read hundreds, if not thousands, of product reviews. Just about every TV show, magazine and website has them. The STO team does real world In-The-Field Product Reviews that are offered free and represent the consumer viewpoint. Nothing is more disappointing than getting to your destination and then discovering that the product you selected cannot you’re your expectations or the environment as anticipated.

Test Date: Dec. 20, 2015; Location: Bennett Spring, Missouri (Ozarks)

Activity: Stream Trout Fishing; Air Temp: 41 degrees

Water Temp: 54-56 degrees, spring fed all year long.

dryskionzIf you live in the ICE Belt of the northern United States and Canada, and you like to Ice Fish, then you already know about the IceArmor Clam brand. Clam is a leader in Ice Fishing Gear and related equipment for hard water anglers, especially those outdoorsmen that frequent the frozen north and get their hands wet. We had the opportunity to visit Clam Corporation in Minneapolis, Minnesota during the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers conference in September, 2015, and met with Clam staff to discuss new products. Dry Skinz Gloves entered the product discussion at that time. We learned that Dry Skinz Gloves are exclusive to IceArmor by Clam, where they are a relatively new product. Dry Skinz gloves are constructed with a waterproof, breathable membrane to offer a seamless and waterproof fit that is snug, but comfortable, over your fingers and hand. They offer dexterity and touch control, and they also provide an extra-long cuff for complete protection from wetness. We think they work everywhere outdoors, and we recommend that you don’t go outside when it’s cold and wet without them. Cost is under $30 and sizes are available to 2XL. After testing, we think this product is PRICELESS!