Best Florida Fishing Guides – Easy to Find Now

Time to Drop the Snow Shovels and Head South to Fish


For many of us northern country folks, there comes that one point during our long winter months when it seems like the snow will never stop falling, your back is aching, the forecast is for a 10 degree colder day tomorrow and the wind just gusted at 25 mph to greet the morning darkness. You head for your truck to get to work late – you had to shovel and it won’t start.  Ugh! You mutter a few unmentionable words.  Have you been there?  It’s a treasured moment!  A memorable moment of the wrong kind.

You head back to the house, pick up the phone to call your boss, apologize because you’re going to later getting in than you thought now, the line is busy and it doesn’t switch to the machine.  Ugh #2!  You try to settle down, a nice hot cup of coffee helps.  Mmmm, even the thought of hot coffee has you wiping off the shrug you had.  Then as you pour out the java, like a flash of good fortune, there it is on the table.  Last Sunday’s paper with a half-page color ad: “VISIT FLORIDA, WARM UP YOUR FISHING RODS!” Instantaneous thoughts occur. You smile.  It’s a Machiavellian grin.  You contact your better half, check your piggy bank and, of course, you both agree, why not?  Let’s do it!

A father-son team from Buffalo, New York, cannot say enough about their trip with iTrekkers, check out their video report for yourself at:

Five minutes later, you have called your boss and like it was perfect, now he isn’t in, but his machine come up and you leave a message, “See you in a week!”  Sorry boss.  You’re still smiling, wider now.  You look, there are flights, low cost too, for a round trip   to Florida if you book this instant.  Click. You got ‘em.  Two tickets to paradise for a week. YES!  Next search, google is already up, need a fishing guide for two days.  Wow, there are lots of ‘em.  Which one is a good guide? You read a dozen reviews, some folks are not happy, some are downright feeling cheated, plus they paid hundreds of dollars. AND, no fish. You get discouraged.  Erase that forlorn moment.  This is supposed to be a happy time!

It is a happy time, because today, there is a better way to find a good guide. Simply switch over to a new fishing guide service,, which will work for almost all of Florida if you are heading near a saltwater beach area.  These guys offer veteran charter captains that are bonded, know their stuff, know the waterways, have hi-performance fishing boats, hi-performance tackle, have all of the right baits for your target species and, just in case, they guarantee your money back if not satisfied

They connect anglers with the best fishing captains in Florida. Imagine, here is a charter service that believes when you are purchasing a charter, you shouldn’t have any surprises and should be able to trust the captain you choose.  You can search, compare and book right on their website with a 100% money-back guarantee that you will have an amazing experience on the water.  I took a trip with iTrekkers last week and they made it seem easy to have fun out there, not to mention one of the best fishing days with several bonus ecological photo opportunities I have ever had fishing saltwater.

Some fish made the 20-pound braid scream off the reel, testing the 25-pound test fluorocarbon leader and chemically honed Owner circle hooks that was cast into one of those secret pockets that these vetted captains seem know wherever they take you. It was an awesome half day of fishing!  In all, we hooked up with about 30 fish across seven different species.  It was an education in efficient fishing simplicity and fun on the water.

iTrekkers founder, Tom Mulliez says, “The whole idea started about five years ago after another failed attempt to find a good fishing charter when my family and I were on vacation in Hilton Head, South Carolina.  It always amazed me that you never knew what you were going to get. That your only resources were the guide-owned websites and testimonials on review sites that can be bought or manipulated.”  The thirty something Mulliez adds, “Often times, the boat was not as advertised or it was “in the shop,” apologies were made even before leaving the dock.  Then the guide turned out to not as qualified as he made himself seem to be.  There was not a trustworthy solution where the reviews were real, the guides were amazing and I could feel safe and secure that the amount of money being spent would drive the value and experience I was expecting.”

The iTrekkers managemant team is comprised of owner and founder Tom Mulliez (right), veteran charter captain and sales manager, Jason Semeyn (center) and Nick Strite, photojournalist and online specialist. All three are veteran anglers and outdoor conservationists that understand the ecological details of the seaway waters they send their certified staff of over 50 qualified charter captains to fish.

Just bring yourself. No bait is required. No tackle is required. No license is required. It’s all part of the service.  Do bring a cooler, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, and your giant smile for some great photographs.  Check ‘em out.