Episode 5 – Wild Boar Shoulder – Part 2

Using the easy to flake-apart boar shoulder we cooked in the last episode, make a bowl of pulled meat add a blend of hickory smoked barbecue sauce and Hi-Mountain steak rub (which provides a blend of tasty seasonings) in bowl, mix, slice some focaccia bread, spread the boar on the bread to make a tasty sandwich that can be used out on the ice for your next fishing trip or for lunch to work the next day.  You can store the mixed meat in a refrigerator or freeze it for long term.  Healthy eating!

3 Lb wild boar roast rubbed with salt and pepper
1 onion chopped
one carrot sliced
2 red delicious apples, diced
1 bottle beer, 12oz
8 oz sour cherries with juice
3-4 cups water
3 TBS molasses
1/4 cup BBQ sauce
1 star anise(whole)

3/4 cup additional BBQ sauce
salt and pepper if necessary.

Add all ingredients and place in a slow cooker, place on high. Wait till the mixture has come to a light simmer, turn on low and cook for a minimum of 8 hours, make sure boar is very tender.
Remove boar, set aside to keep warm.
Reduce remaining liquid by 50%, skim off all remaining fat and impurities and strain, discard solids.
Add 3/4 to one cup of more BBQ sauce, set aside.
Shred the boar into smaller pieces, add the cooled sauce mixture, season with salt and pepper if necessary.
Serve on a fresh Kaiser or my favorite, focaccia bread.

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