Super-Tantalize Your Fish Connection


Add a Little Wiggle to Your Lure Flash, Vibration or Wobble, or your Swim Jig, You Could DoubleUp Your Hook-Ups!  Old Fashioned Pork Rind and the New Synthetic Trailers Can help get it Done.

Ever wonder what a walleye, black bass, stripe bass or flounder, or any fish – freshwater or saltwater, is thinking when they unequivocally commit to smashing your artificial lure and taking off on a drag-screaming burst across the waterway?  Probably nothing but breakfast, lunch or dinner!  But wait, is there more to consider?  Of course, you know there just might be.


Could it be that your lure doesn’t look anything like what the fish normally feeds on, but the silhouette, the slinky presentation of an easy meal, the tantalizing and graceful allure of a stimulating bait all combined to remove any decision that the fish had to make?  He slammed it because he is a predator!  He might not even have been hungry, but he couldn’t help it.  He (or she) wanted it!  BADDA-BING, BOOM!

As lifelong fishermen and outdoor adventurers, many of us know that the search for that next new bait is an everlasting search.  That next new action that will tantalize fish and charm them into chomping at the mere sight of your presentation is the goal when we attend outdoor shows, seminars and read magazines that direct us to You-Tube websites for a better connection.

We all search to find a lure that can cause a reaction sort of strike where fish will crunch and munch at first glance, no questions asked.  When my better half and I joined some friends at the Florida Sportsman Show in Fort Myers last month, I went through that same everlasting “find-the-new-lure checklist.”  That’s when we met Bruce Millar, a charter captain and inventor from the state of Maine.

His invention from the north was heading south!  His new lure attachment gizmo is patented, nearly indestructible and it seems that fish everywhere find it somewhat irresistible.

The lure is actually quite inexpensive and is an attachment tail that resembles old-fashioned pork rind.  Yet, it is better than port rind as it can hold a scent that you apply, offers an incredible tantalizing action as an addition to any spinner, spoon or jig baits, and it never dries out – left it on my boat in the sun for a week to proof this point.  Best part, rind-like lures are always bringing fish to you.


I tried these things as an angler and outdoor adventurer, I had never met Millar.  Today, I need to give him a call because I need a few more of these tails for my medium to giant-size spinner baits in search of those elusive giant freshwater Florida bass this month.  Thing is they work in saltwater for flounder and stripe bass too, and so many other species that all have this occasional urge to feed.  You get the picture.

Check out his website and see for yourself at or call 860-912-4894.  They come in various sizes and multiple color assortments.  I can’t wait to trail these on the Great Lakes for wary, clear water walleye.  We all know this, the bottom line is “irresistible action”.  It’s that simple.