Walleye Tamer and Culinary Champion, Cameron Tait, Shares Walleye Catching Secrets – Vertical Jigging

Kamooki Smart-Craw Vertical Jigging Lure

World class culinary master, Cameron Tait, not only teaches others how to cook their wild fish and seafood, but he is also an amazing angler that has experienced success fishing for walleye all over North America.

ReelBait Flasher Jig

In this session, Cameron Tait is sharing his favorite vertical jigging lures for walleye on Lake Winnipeg in Canada, but these baits are also perfect for enticing the same fish right after first ice out, all across North America.  That means, keep these in mind to try out in the next few days and weeks, and again in fall as waters chill before ice-up.

Tait’s fish-catching expertise relies on some of the brands and gear that many of us have, but hearing about these lures first-hand is key to compete understanding.  St. Croix rods, braided gel-spun line (6-lb), with specific favorite lures from ReelBait (Flasher Jig), Kamooki (Smart-Craw), Freedom (Jigging Minnow), Yozuri and LiveTarget are a Tait’s favorites.

Live Target Jigging Lure
Freedom Minnow Jigging Spoon

REELBAIT Flasher jigs embody some of the legendary original Walleye Flasher Jig characteristics, but are refined with a few cosmetic tweaks and color schemes, combining the best attributes of the horse-head jig and the stand-up jig to produce perfect fish-catching vibration and flash. The fluttering willow-leaf blade imitates a small dying baitfish.

Lastly, a new tool that is finding its way into everyone’s tackle bag is the Kuda Pliers that feature a titanium finish and have a cutter sharp enough for cutting braided line on the first try.