Spring Turkey Woods is a Special Place

turkeywoodsSometimes old friends meet in a familiar place.  If you’re a turkey hunter, you know there is something extra special for those moments when a hunter and the woods come together in search of a nearby gobble.  It’s downright exciting!

There is a special sort of celebration to enjoy because this meeting takes our heart and brings it together with our deep-rooted passion to hunt, to be in the woods. It’s a journey, a special adventure, and we know before we even get there, it will be fun and promising.  That’s how many of us feel when we head out turkey hunting on opening day, wherever the hunt takes us.  There is a thrill, a sense of relief just to be there.  We feel the “YES” of such moments.

A not so old outdoor friend is now sharing some of his secret turkey success so that others can join in the outdoor fervor he has found.  Mike Joyner is an acclaimed nature author and outdoorsman who shares his secrets to success in pursuit of wild turkey in a book entitled “Grand Days in the Turkey Woods.”

From preparation for the hunt, Joyner provides a first-hand account of adventures that will help you in the turkey woods.  He delivers details of personal experiences that make a difference and provides little tips that create a new strategy for every successful hunt plan.

This is more than a “how to hunt” book, Grand Days in the Turkey Woods will appeal to novice and veteran alike.  Joyner brings it all together with considerations for weather and things that can right to make the wind and rain work for you.  He shares thoughts about food supply and the extended challenges we face when hunting new lands, plus the joy and excitement too, that we will find when that plan works for us.  He shares details.

Joyner has pictures and personal notes that he uses for trip plans and there is a lot to learn from here, as he started hunting gobblers back in 1993.  He has achieved hunting success in 14 states, has been honored for his skills with two wild turkey grand slams and a top twenty NWTF gobbler in his home state of New York. .He is a volunteer too, since that experience resulted in nine years of volunteer service to the New York State Wild Turkey Federation / National Wild Turkey Federation, as a board member, where he also served as President for four years.  He knows what he is doing in the turkey woods.

Look for his book in book stores everywhere, on Kindle, in home town libraries or on Amazon at this link: http://www.amazon.com/Grand-Days-Turkey-Woods-Joyner/dp/150011281X.