A Versatile Tool for Outdoor Folks


For Gardeners, Hunters, Hikers, Fishermen and others too

Every so often, you find something among all the functional items out there for sportsmen that can really make a difference in your outdoor experience.  Last summer I found one of those items, it is the Real Avid Multi-Cutter.  I have used this cool tool while fishing, hunting, working in the yard and while working on my truck in an emergency to cut and replace a brake line.


The Multi-Cutter provides serious, portable cutting power in the field.  It will easily clip bird bones, help you field dress a deer (it will cut a ½ inch thick bone!), saws through branches when you’re setting up your tree stand, and work with you and for you in a hundred other uses.


The hefty cutting jaw is strong, plus there are other assorted useful sportsmen tools that fold out and then retract into a convenient carry package.  There is a limb saw, a claw point knife blade, a drop point knife blade and a versatile tree step starter.  Shotgun shooters can change their choke tube with an internal wrench that will fit all common shotgun sizes, along with a pin punch that will help you easily break down your firearm actions for regular or emergency field maintenance.  The tool has a rubber grip to stay firmly in the control of your hand hold.

When closed up and retracted, the tool is compact and will slide neatly into a durable nylon sheath with a belt loop.  It’s with me all the time these days.  Retail cost is under $40.  To see a video, visit http://www.realavid.com/multi-cutter-box.html.