Moving Stuff – A Home and Woods Tool

The CLAM LG600 Hybrid Trailer is light, heavy duty, inexpensive


Need to transfer your deer harvest or 10 cubic feet of timber from the woods to your cabin or truck?  Need to move 600 pounds of topsoil or stone from your truck to that new garden or flower bed?

By hook and tow with a trailer, or by using the convenient hand-lift to push or pull the load, you can do just that with the new LG 600Hybrid from the Polar Trailer line by CLAM Outdoors.

The trailer easily converts from a hand cart with a sturdy, heavy-duty lifting handle, complete with a rigid, safe-support leg, to a tow-behind cart vehicle that can be hauled wherever needed, using a garden tractor or ATV.  That makes it perfect for the backyard lawn and garden, or the cabin and the woods.  It’s a two for one in more ways than one!

Weighing just 55 pounds, construction of this durable trailer is high-tech, using a rust- protected steel frame, a heavy duty polyethylene tub, all mounted on air-filled, soft riding, rubber tires and steel rims, and protected for long term use and reduced wear from wheel rotation friction by robust, weather-sealed ball bearings on a sturdy axle, you can get the payload where you want and unload.  The tub is rust free and ready for a garden hose rinse.


My wife loves this cart for the yard; I love it for the woods.  What could be better?  Another two for one!

It is sold with a 3-year warranty for under $200.  Polar products are available online and at these top retailers (1500 stores nationwide): Lowe’s Home Improvement, Home Depot,, Mills Fleet Farm, Blaine’s Farm & Fleet, Runnings, L & M Fleet Supply, Tractor Supply and Northern Tool & Equipment.

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