LightFORCE Defies the Dark

LightFORCE bar lighting converts your ATV or UTV to a 24-hour workhorse.

LightFORCE is a Night Force to Uncover New Adventures

ATV’s and UTV’s have become commonplace in hunting camps and on farms and ranches across the country.  The small vehicles that go anywhere are ideal for getting hunters to remote places and moving game back to camp without the back-breaking work.  As often as you may use your favorite 4-wheeler, it’s probably limited to day duty, wasting away half of the thrill-generating go-power for lack of adequate light.

Enter LightFORCE with their incredible new light bars and ultra-powerful, wide-light, illumination beams.  Most headlights on ATV’s are designed like car lights as if you’d be cruising down the highway at 50 miles per hour, instead of close-in illumination that floods an area to do important work.  Field dressing a deer by headlight is worse than doing it in the dark because of the harsh shadows and powerful beams a headlamp produces.  Light bars produce just the opposite effect so that you can safely do essential work after sunset, like unloading your rifle or crossbow, examining a sudden track in the snow, looking for lost items, or evaluating hazards in the trail ahead.  Heck, you can search for morel mushrooms with a light bar! Imagine that, your daytime just found more time.

LightFORCE illumination is designed for safety, action functionality and performance.

Make Your ATV/UTV Shine

LightFORCE LEDs have changed the ATV and UTV market by allowing riders to reap the benefits of super-bright, super-versatile and super-tough LightFORCE light bars.  These are built to take the rugged travel an ATV can deliver.  Every bar in the LightFORCE LED Bar Series is extruded from aluminum and finished with a protective anodized surface-penetrating coating resistant to rain, snow, and ultraviolet light (UV) that will tolerate the harshest conditions.  The LightFORCE products are rugged and impact resistant, further featuring a hard-coated polycarbonate lens for maximum durability with a waterproof rating that meets and exceeds the IP69K standard.  The Ingress Protection (IP) rating system is an internationally recognized scale that relates to proven protection against environmental factors such as liquids and solids.  The numbers “6” and “9” are part of a higher detail definition that the units are dust tight and waterproof, even under high pressure spray.  Durable and safe for adventure outdoor use.

They also feature high-lumen light output with European LED’s tuned within their internal reflectors to produce unparalleled illumination capability.

With multiple mounting options available and complete with a waterproof Deutsch connector — including full wiring harness — the LightFORCE LED light bars deliver powerful performance in a complete package.

Available LightFORCE Options:

Dual and Single Row LED Bars

  • 6” single and dual row
  • 10” single and dual row
  • 20” single and dual row
  • 30” single and dual row

LightFORCE Product Specifications:

  • Input voltage range: 10-36V DC
  • Input cable length: 450mm (17.72”)
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to 63°C
  • Warranty: 3 Years
The LightFORCE hand-held spotlight model has tremendous range, perfect for night scouting purposes, safety around the camp and for general use.

Pick a Spot and Have it Both Ways

Just as light bars are ideal for illuminating close-in terrain, LightFORCE spot lights can spear the darkness like a missile with spot ranges out to 2,000 meters, that’s more than a mile.

Light bars need to be mounted for durability, yet LightFORCE spotlights like the 7-inch Enforcer, a 50-watt handheld unit, offer the ultimate in versatility and convenience.  For users who want more flexibility and agility from their portable lights and want it all wrapped up in a convenient kit, this is the solution.

This kit includes the new generation Cordless Enforcer, complete with a long-lasting, rechargeable Ni-Mh (Nickel-Metal Hydride) battery that is safe, an AC charger and heavy duty waterproof kit bag, complete with rugged YKK zip and a tough exterior ABS base.  To top it off, there’s a red filter to make this a coyote catching machine.

The scope-mounted LightFORCE spotlight model offers advantage for safety and predator hunting.

Whether you need a beam of light for added vision or to shoot predators, the beam will probably shine farther than you can shoot.  Enforcer is the top of the LightFORCE portable range and will give you all the light power you will ever need.  Check out all the LightFORCE illuminating products at