Advances in Fishing Line are Remarkable

lineadvances1Thinner, Stronger, Shock-Tough, Low Memory, Long Life

Since I retired from an engineering job in space and defense a few years ago, I have researched quite a few things that make my time in the outdoors more useful and efficient.

Just as when weekend anglers spend their hard-earned cash on fishing line, they are looking for just one fundamental thing, to land that biggest of fish safe and sure.

I interviewed pro bass anglers about fishing line because they work their lines the hardest, casting all day long, out and back, out and back.  These guys want the same thing – the best line to bring big fish that strike their presentations back to the boat.

I figure like many other anglers, there is too little time to gamble on hooking and losing a big fish once we’re casting or trolling lines.  Time on the water is scarce for a lot of us, time out there is limited by other demands in life.  So when I’m there, I work really hard to assure there is very little that will compromise my luck or skill for total success on the water.

As science and private industry have advanced, new and better fundamental strength factors in fishing lines have become better too.  The new lines add flexibility, longevity, shock resistance, abrasion resistance, high UV resistance, low memory and also deliver an affordable lower price, especially the new Gamma Torque braided line.  On top of all that, I discovered that Gamma Torque is priced lower than many other braided lines out there.  Now that is also something that many anglers want to know more about.  Anglers I shared the new Gamma Torque braided line with could only say one thing: “What’s the name of that line again?” Off they went to the tackle store.

I shared the knots to join the nearly invisible Gamma Edge 100 percent fluorocarbon line with the Gamma Torque braided line and explained some of why the Gamma Edge fluorocarbon really does give anglers the “Edge” in fishing.  Invisibility with flexibility, strength, long life and small diameter are key!

Gamma lines, including the new Gamma Polyflex, a copolymer fishing line, have advanced their affordable and efficient product with a fancy science-based name called “molecular alteration,” similar to a fundamental basis called “Nanotechnology”.  This is the once futuristic science of tiny sizing, a science used to also develop high strength structural materials and high power batteries.

The resulting Gamma fishing lines are so unique, they are patented.

The high tech Gamma lines allow longer casts.  When I first used the Gamma Torque braided line, I needed to finger the spool a bit more because my lures were flying so far – the line is so tiny and friction free.  The result was more accurate casts, more action on lures and more confidence in my ability to do more with no extra effort.

lineadvances2Several dozen bass pros use the Gamma fishing lines now, day-in and day-out.  Brent Chapman, bass pro, says, “Gamma is by far the best fishing line in the industry.  Most fisherman underestimate the importance of high quality line.  Fishing line is the only connection between the angler and the fish… I only trust Gamma!  Winning the 2012 Bassmaster Angler of the Year title is a direct effect of getting those bass into the boat.”

One more example: 6-pound test Gamma Torque braided line measures 0.002” inch thickness and has an actual break test of 14.0 pounds!  This line is made of 100 percent Spectra Fibers.  For comparison, this line is one fourth as thick as a single strand of hair for most people.  Very thin.

The list price for 225 feet of this braided line is under $9.  Use it on casting and spinning rigs where you need strength and sensitivity, especially vertical jigging lures and drop-shot rigs.   For diving planes and walleye trolling, the 30 or 40 pound test is efficient.  For yanking big bass from deep weedbeds, this line has the ultimate in abrasion resistance with the thinnest diameter, the 60 pound test works well.

The Gamma Torque braided line is so thin that most anglers opt to use the 20-pound test Gamma Torque braid instead of the lighter weight lines that Gamma offers, then tie on an 8-pound or 10-pound leader of Gamma Edge fluorocarbon to insure invisibility of the presentation at the terminal end.

All you need to ask yourself is, why would so many professional anglers use the Gamma fishing lines when they are competing for a $1,000,000 in prize money?

The answer is clear, especially once you try this stuff.

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