Plano Simplicity: A is for Access

A-Series Bag is Versatile, Affordable and Perfect!

  • Max storage, small footprint, fast access
  • 12 storage pockets, under $50

planosimplicity1About 25 years ago, when I was a bit younger and doing fishing video’s took way more effort than today, Ron Lindner said to me, “Hey Forrest, I like the way you keep your lures in those Plano storage boxes, sorted by type, then stowed in your backpack.” You know, it just made simple sense. Yet, at the time, nobody in the tackle business made one of those durable bags that could carry individual tackle boxes.

Today, Plano has brought all of us into a new dimension with simple storage for fishermen and outdoor folks. The new systems really mean just more fun for everyone. You know where everything is because you can see it and can find what you’re looking for and use it.

Their A-Series Tackle Bag doesn’t take a lot of space in your boat or truck, yet it van carry five fully loaded Plano 3600 storage boxes in the main compartment. While it at first looks like a camera bag, it’s that durable looking, access is easy and quick with two latch clip in the front of the bag. No zipper to break or slip from your fingers from ice during the cold season or sweat during the hottest days of summer. Click, click, you’re open and have access to your main boxes.

That’s not all, this bag as an interior lid storage system too, with four small slip pockets for holding useful “use-all-the-time” essentials on the interior of the flip open lid.

On the outside of the bag, there are 12 more pockets for secure storage, a few with slip pockets, some with zippered access for security, a few with Velcro closure.

Plano designed this A-Series with an acronym they want everyone to remember: A is for ACCESS. This is the new small bag with big storage for easy access. And, it looks really good too. It’s distinctive and striking in appearance, it’s innovative and it is made to last a long time.

I just went out and bought 10 more 3600 series utility boxes and will use the new A-Series bag for fishing, hunting, hardware, and many other items, depending on the day. It’s versatile and the best part is, I like it!

The 3600 boxes slip and out so easily. I can go everywhere in style with this A-series storage bag for outdoors folks. On the negative side, my wife wants to borrow it all the time for her goodies in other 3600 utility boxes. After 47 years together, we have a common bonding device!

Maybe the best part, even with all that well-designed ingenuity, it is affordable at under $50. Visit: to learn more.