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For Junior Competition Shooting Mentors and Coaches

firearmssafetyON THE MARK is published quarterly by the Civilian Marksmanship Program ( It is dedicated to disseminating news and information about junior shooting activities to leaders and coaches of junior shooting clubs, teams and camps.

The primary purpose of the publication is to help youth shooting leaders teach firearms safety and marksmanship more effectively and assist junior shooting leaders and coaches in the continued success and improvement of their young shooters, regardless of skill level.

A typical issue of ON THE MARK includes 24-32 pages of new junior shooting program information as well as news about junior events, instructional tips and coaching information. Bonus inserts and brochures are regularly included which detail programs for junior competition and training programs or provide equipment and training material purchase opportunities.


One free ON THE MARK subscription is provided to each junior club that is affiliated with the CMP, JROTC unit with marksmanship program and 4-H Shooting Sports Club. Individual subscriptions to ON THE MARK are available at $8.00 per year. To subscribe to ON THE MARK, download the OTM Order Form.


Gary Anderson, DCME
Steve Cooper, CMP North General Manager
Christine Elder, Communications Manager
Ashley Brugnone, Writer/Editor

Editorial Submissions

To submit articles, editorial material or photographs for possible inclusion in ON THE MARK, contact: Ashley Brugnone, OTM Editor, P.O. Box 576, Port Clinton, Ohio 43420; phone (419) 635-2141, ext. 718; fax (419) 635-2573 or email

ON THE MARK Instructional Articles

Gary Anderson, Director of Civilian Marksmanship-Emeritus, is a regular contributor to ON THE MARK. He served as DCM for 10 years and remains an effective advocate for firearms safety training and rifle practice. Gary’s primary role at CMP has been to develop and sustain successful youth shooting programs at both regional and national levels. Click here to view the articles Mr. Anderson has written throughout the ON THE MARK series.