No-Knot Line-Anchors: Tie-Down Security

-Small, Easy to Carry
-Inexpensive, Effective


While attending the fun-filled 2016 Annual Conference with the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers at Peek’N Peak Resort and Spa last week, I met several new outdoor friends including Ted Stender of Fallout Products. The useful and genuinely new innovations that this young man and his team have developed offer all of us an inspiring array for multiple uses for all of us that want to share our passion with others for fun in the outdoors.

If you’re erecting a tent, hunting blind, lean-to, volleyball net, protective utility tarp for your campsite firewood, a field hockey goal or a thousand other uses, the No-Knot Bite Spike™ is a unique anchoring stake that brings new, unfettered simplicity to the term “Tight Lines” and “Securely Fastened.”   The patent-pending Root-Hook, ground-grabbing design, the No-Knot guy line tie-down system will become bonded to my satchel-of-the-season for so many purposes. The rope-gripping head of the Bite Spike anchors the line from the intended hold-down structure securely to the ground. This is true even with small diameter tie-down lines, I tested it in heavy wind too.

noknotlineanchor2The device is available in several sizes, but here is one example of the smaller stake system details:

  • Unique Root-Hook anchoring design and No-Knot guy line tie-down (patent pending)
  • Length: 7 inches
  • Stem: .75 inch
  • Root-Hook: 1 inch
  • Stake Head: 3 inches
  • Stock Colors: Red, Orange, and Green
  • Custom Colors: Available with Quantity Orders

A 10-Pack of these life-saving Bite Spike™ stakes less than $7. Unreal. Check ‘em out at

Archers will want to visit that same site in a few weeks, I saw a prelude of their new products. Gotta have ‘em.