Secret Bass Hotspots for Every Angler

-Mister Twister “Comida” Plastic Worms
-Fish ‘em Wacky-Style

Not even getting older can affect the ear-to-ear smile from friend and book author, Dave Figura, when active fish seems to turn all of us into kids. Figura is fishing (with permission) for golf course pond bass at Peek’N Peek Resort and Spa during a passing rainstorm. All the fish were released. Forrest Fisher Photo

We were all set to fish Lake Erie for black bass from the Dunkirk Harbor access with local Western New York Bassmaster champions, Jim Thompson and Scott Callen, when the red radar weather picture convinced us to stay ashore.

Not being easily dissuaded, especially with raingear in hand, myself and Syracuse Post Standard outdoor columnist and outdoor webpage photo-inspiration creator, Dave Figura, headed back to the Peak’N Peek Resort and Spa where we unpacked our fishing rods anyway. We were like little kids going fishing for the first time, some of you know the feeling. We needed nothing else.

The resort hotel was the premier destination for the 49th Annual NYS Outdoor Writers Association Annual Conference and it is comfortable, secluded, inexpensive and they offer tasty food.


We searched out our tackle and found just what we needed – a few Mister Twister “Comida” plastic worms. It didn’t take long to rig up some size 4/0 Mustad worm hooks and thread the hook through the middle of the worm – suggestively dangling the worm end to end from the middle. That did the trick!

We landed fish after fish from the series of ponds that skirt the 8th hole. Bass after bass. The 5-inch Comida worm is impregnated with salt and also contains 11 grams of bass food – it is a visual attractor AND a scent bait. It was the perfect meal for the hungry bass we found here. Folks can rig it as a wacky worm, a dead-stick standard worm or can fish it drop shot style.

So after years of knowing “Figgy,” I finally discovered that this Cornell University graduate and factual yarn-tale teller, is also a pretty good angler. Figura is excitable and full of enthusiasm when he goes fishing. What fun we shared! He is also a book author, you can look up his last book – “So What Are the Guys Doing?” He shares insights from more than 50 men about the outdoors, family, relationships, sex, work, faith and friendships. It’s a good read and available on-line.

His grin in the picture is proof that fishing fun can begin after 40 – on a golf course! In between golf balls landing in the pond and making both of us think, “Hey, there, cast there, another one just jumped!”, ….please stop laughing – we did too, we realized that the ponds were on the inside dog-leg of the golf hole and what we were seeing was not fish. While we were probably standing in a semi-dangerous place, to be sure, it was very funny for quite a few moments.

We landed 12 fish in less than 60 minutes of casting before the deluge of the oncoming rainstorm forced us in. Unbelievably, we caught smallmouth and largemouth bass from the same waters. All the fish were immediately released after a photo or two. Unforgettable memories.

The Mister Twister Comida worms are inexpensive and available at your local Cabela’s or Bait/Tackle Shop. For a quick look at them, visit:

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