Chronicles in History

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Chronicles in History is written by Timothy M. Powers and published by Tate Publishing – an exciting book about the reality of American government today from an expert, just in time for the 2016 Presidential election. Visit:

If you are a liberal, conservative, socialite, republican, tea party or a simple free spirit, left –center or right, this great country of America has allowed all of us to administer our personal objectives without taking tally from our hide, our job or our bank account. The Constitution and Bill of Rights provide for that freedom.

A new book author, Tim Powers, has documented his thoughts for the people of America to read and ask themselves a few responsible questions about today. Powers offers a common sense look at what has been happening in America and how it compares to different points in history.

Through the writings of Tim Powers, you will discover not only what true patriotism is, but just how deep the corruption of our government really runs. You will discover things that you thought were unimaginable and only possible in a blockbuster spy movie. Tim’s familiarity and knowledge of the absolute corruption that has gripped our nation is unmistakable, and after reading this book, you’ll find out that it is undeniable.

In a recent message to public viewers, Tim Powers provided a written slant on his own Patriot Thoughts:

“As I sit here after a long day at work, having just arrived home to look into the eyes of three of my precious little granddaughters, I can’t help but wonder what kind of life and choices they will have in their future to come based on the choices that I make today.

I ask myself if they will be as free as I am today, which is less free than my grandfather was.

Will they be imprisoned because they are Americans, become sex slaves to Muslim transplants, or even be killed? Will they pick up the mantle of Liberty and Freedom that I have tried to promote through my adult life and speak their minds for the cause? Or will they become indoctrinated SLAVES of the elite establishment and remain in their SAFE spaces? Will they have the courage to act against un-righteousness? The will to fight for what is just? Have the drive and intestinal fortitude that our Founders had? Will they sacrifice EVERYTHING to be free?

I have come to the conclusion that it is up to ME and those like me to make these things possible for them. Not unless these little children have experienced Freedom and know the meaning of it, can they keep America’s torch lit.

Our children and grandchildren are the future.

We the People have short-changed them long enough through our apathy. In this upcoming election, we MUST take a stand to preserve what makes America great! Our choices may not be very good, but they are very clear!

It is time to take the elitist establishment down once and for all and re-start America as she was founded. A government by the people and for the people. As for me, I want my granddaughters to one day be able to say that their grampy did everything that he could to restore the Constitutional Republic. How about you?

As always, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings!

Feel free to repost.” Check out the book also available in audio form, please visit