New York State – Marine Enforcement

  • Marine Fisheries Law Specialists Training
  • Patrol Vessel Skill Development

marine_enforcement1Five of 31 recent graduates of the NYSDEC Division of Law Enforcement 20th Basic School for Uniformed Officers recently transferred to the Marine Enforcement Unit (MEU) where they will become specialists in marine fisheries law. They will be required to operate some of the DEC’s largest patrol vessels in and around New York Harbor.

The five new ECOs began extensive field training in September in the 132-hour A-Platform School, officially known as the “SAFE Boat Captains Course.”

The training involved operation of DEC’s larger patrol vessels, navigation and seamanship, vessel electronics and charting, mooring techniques, rough water operations, night operations, towing, and waterborne arrest techniques. Two weeks of the course were spent almost entirely operating the large vessels on Lake Ontario.

marine_enforcement2To successfully complete the course, each ECO had to demonstrate precision and efficient competency in all of the tasks required to be a vessel operator in New York’s Marine District. The training concluded on September 23 with nine ECOs completing the course, including the five recent graduates.

One of the graduates, ECO Mary Grose, is the DEC’s first female to serve as a SAFE Boat Captain.