HOT Panfish Lure for All Seasons

-Effortless Flash and Vibration

-Thin-Wire Hook, Power-Gap (More hookups)

-Sizes: 1/16 oz and 1/8 oz, Pre-Rigged TriggerX® Curl Tail Body 

–Long, Micro-Thin Tail Swims with a Light and Subtle Vibration



By Forrest Fisher

Guys that know me know I don’t mess around with praise for no good reason, so be aware- this lure deserves special praise.

Anglers everywhere are always looking for a new, better bait that works when others just do not seem to produce.  Enter the VMC® Company who continues to produce new, game-changing tackle to help anglers catch fish after fish after fish, especially with this new lure.  With the introduction of the new VMC Curl Tail Spin Jig, the lure to start out your friends who are new to fishing has just arrived. The lure is simply irresistible to fish.  It works for crappies, bass, bluegills, walleye and many other species.  It is a dinner ticket for anything with gills and anglers that try this new lure will agree in short order.

VMC® Curl Tail Spinnerbait

VMC’s new Curl Tail Spinnerbait is NOT just another flashy finesse offering for anglers, it is one of the most effective baits for bass and panfish, and offers the added benefit of being weedless.

The Curl Tail Spinnerbait features a Colorado blade on a paperclip-style arm swinging from the eyelet of a special ball-head-type jig pre-rigged with a Trigger-X Curl Tail grub body.  Featuring a long and curled micro-thin tail, the grub undulates back and forth with very little forward movement, offering a light and subtle vibration as it swims to the speed of the angler retrieve.

The Curl Tail Spinnerbait’s jig is armed with a Power Gap hook, providing a 5 percent wider gap than traditional jig hooks.  The feature allows for a better hookup ratio.  A ball bearing swivel connects the blade to the arm attachment, allowing for maximum rotation and flash.

For shallow and deep fishing, the lure is available in 1/16-ounce and 1/8-ounce sizes.  Curl Tail Spinnerbaits are offered in for-sto-11212016-picture-2of2five color patterns: Black Chartreuse Glow, Crappie Minnow, Green Orange Glow, Pink Chartreuse Glow, Pearl White and Red Pearl Glow.

To watch a video of live, fish-catching action, click on this exciting link with VMC pro-staff angler, Chris Gillman:

Cost? Under $3. Visit this link to see available colors and other details: