Gamma – What? Gamma – Who?

  • Better Fishing Line through SCIENCE
  • Increased Angler Touch and Feel
  • Affordable High Performance 

for-sto-12142016-fishing-picture-1of2By David Gray

When your fishing has spanned three or more decades plus, you have likely:

  1. Learned a lot
  2. Tried a bunch of different brands
  3. Seen a lot of lofty marketing claims about fishing product.

So when I heard the name Gamma fishing line, my thought was that it was a catchy name, but would the brand be worth trying?  I saw information that said Gamma line is molecularly altered for more performance and I assumed it was just marketing hype – what does that mean?

I did not try Gamma for a number of years and that was a considerable fishing strategy error on my part.

Anglers move from brand to brand of fishing line.  Like me, you probably saw line on sale and gave that brand a try, or a friend told you his brand and you tried it yourself.

I did too.   Over the course of years I tried lots of lines. Some of my “go-to” line brands were Trilene XL, Stren, Trilene XT, Big Game, Maxima, and Bass Pro Shops Excel which I continue to use.

Then I met Dale Black, owner of Gamma Line at an outdoor show.  Dale is an angler.  He is a business manager too, but most important, Dale knows fishing and he knows line.  He gave- not just a sales pitch, but an angler’s explanation of why Gamma line delivers increased fishing performance.  Why it’s a better line.  When I see and hear that sort of fact-presented passion, I am all ears.

for-sto-12142016-fishing-picture-2of2As fluorocarbon is the fussiest of line materials, I decided to start with Gamma Edge Fluorocarbon.  If it fished as Dale said, I would try other Gamma line.  Let me share all my issues about fluorocarbon with the qualifier that not any one line brand is best for all anglers.

Gamma Edge Fluorocarbon provided considerable improvement for my fishing in these areas:

  • Did not jump off my spinning reels – it had less memory issues
  • Excellent knot strength for someone that is not a good knot tyer
  • Strength did not decline in colder water
  • Life of the line on my reels lasted my complete season

I next tried Gamma Fluorocarbon Transparent Leader and Gamma Touch Super Fluorocarbon with continued excellent results.  Thumbs up for Gamma Fluorocarbon Line, it does deliver superior fishing performance.

Review Gamma and let us know how you like it.  Find out more or click Buy Now at