Wireless Earbuds for Active Outdoorsmen

  •  Sound Connection for Tournament Anglers, Hunters, Outdoorsmen

for-sto-12202016-products-picture-1of1By Forrest Fisher

You’re in your ground blind, you’re up 25 feet in your climbing tree stand, you’re kayaking in south Florida – you’re an active outdoors person.

Wherever you are, you know you might be watching the football game with your buddies, but you realize that your new earbuds will bring the game in just fine and you can still be out where you would rather be.

Certain things are of high importance when open and closed seasons are part of the weekend choice.

What’s more essential is that those earbuds are wireless and have a direct link via Bluetooth® to your smartphone and the sound source of your choosing.  You can put your phone ringer on mute and your phone calls on hold!

These high-performance wireless earbuds from Re-fuel by DigiPower are designed to keep up with you, no matter where you are or what you are doing.  Hunt, fish, hike, camp, take a run, hit the gym, kayak – but stay connected to the audio source of your choice.

Wireless connectivity eliminates those catchy long wires that can trip up with your bowstring or tangle up during other outdoor activity.  The unit is designed with military-grade sweat-resistant materials, securing shark fin ear tips and a long-lasting rechargeable battery – you never need to stop before the end of your activity to recharge, the unit has 120 hours of standby time.  Priced under $50.

Check ‘em out:  https://re-fuel.com/high-performance-sports-wireless-earbuds.html