Mister Twister® BUZZ Bug

  • Unique Retrieve Vibration Provides Effective “Victim Action”
  • New Lure Draws Attention from Bass Pro’s

 Posted by Forrest Fisher, Managing Editor

For STO 01202017, FISHING, Picture 1of1There is a new Swim Craw BUZZing with action.

Add the Mister Twister® BUZZ Bug to your bass fishing arsenal.  The new Mister Twister® 4″ BUZZ Bug is a versatile swim craw that provides maximum action and vibration making it an excellent choice for tempting wary bass.

The BUZZ Bug’s tough, thick body makes it ideal for punching and flipping with extra-wide gap hooks.  The lure features extra-long craws that extend beyond skirted lure length to provide a consistent swimming action on a steady retrieve or when fished fast.

It can also be Carolina-rigged and works well Texas-rigged on a weightless Mister Twister® Keeper™ Hook for a free-falling action that imitates a wounded crawfish.

“The BUZZ Bug has quickly become one of my go-to baits,” says Bassmaster Elite Series Pro, Clent Davis.  “Whether it’s swimming it through grass or pulling it behind a jig in 20 feet of water, I know it’s going to get the job done!”

The new 4″ BUZZ Bug from Mister Twister® is available in 19 fish-catching colors, including four laminate colors, selected by Pro Team members.

See more about the new Mister Twister® BUZZ Bug at mistertwister.com/buzz-bug.