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By Forrest Fisher

For STO 01232017, SHOOTING, Picture 1of1The Tula Cartridge Works, was founded way back in 1880 by Emperor Alexander II, that makes it one of the oldest and perhaps, most significant, producers of small-arms ammunition in the world today.

Leveraging the production experience of nearly 140 years and applying ever-evolving technologies with research knowledge, Tula Ammo continues to push the envelope on behalf of the American shooter.

The history of the Tula Cartridge Works includes a defining role during World War II, when the facility turned out millions of rounds of small arms ammunition to be used against Nazi Germany.  Since that time, Tula has continued to introduce new products, increase production capacities and open new markets for military and civilian shooters alike.

TulAmmo USA represents the Tula Cartridge Works here in the United States.  We recognize that the American shooting and hunting enthusiast demands a cleaner and more accurate option in economy cartridges against other foreign-produced brands.  We are proud to offer that option in a variety of popular handgun and rifle calibers, as well as a selection of primers for the hand reloader.

For a better, first-hand look from the 2017 SHOT SHOW, visit with Dominic Grasso at the SHOT SHOW:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAqxoKi09Ts&feature=youtu.be