Flies in my Champagne!

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For STO 02012017, PRODUCTS, picture 1of1By Forrest Fisher

The day of fishing is done, your body tells you it’s time to rest and relax. The sun is setting and there is a perfect orange glow reflecting within those tiny bubbles hatching on the surface of your crystal clear champagne glass.  A special moment!  There you are in the middle of a mountain camping trip.  Champagne glasses in the wilds.  Possible? Yes.  Likely? Not until now.

My wife and I discovered these new unbreakable champagne flutes that stow away as a 2-piece threaded combination. They go anywhere and survive.  They fit in my shirt pocket and I found myself packing my dry flies in them on a recent trip – they were totally protected and perfectly unruffled.  I carry two of them at all times now.  Multiple uses!

The base detaches and then snaps into the rim for travel, reverse for use.  Imagine, unbreakable champagne flutes on the top of a mountain, at your Florida poolside vacation site (where glass is typically not allowed), on the river, at the campsite, on the beach or anywhere you might want to create a special moment.  We have been amazed at the durability of this drinkware and the compact packing size.

If you are an outdoors-minded person, you know that mastering the necessary aspects of having fun in the natural world include survival and once in a while you want to accommodate for a special moment after the day is done.  Special moments for celebration and recollection, such is part of the outdoors lifestyle for special folks.  Check these out for yourself, they are low cost, last a lifetime and are perfect for when you want them. Visit https://www.gsioutdoors.com/.

No worries about broken drinkware.

Here’s a toast from Mother Nature to you! Cheers!