Fish On! New Trapper BoxTM Hooks

  • Angler has New Advantage
  • New Shape is Innovative, Patented
  • New Shape Hook Design – Hard to Shake Free

For STO 02022017, FISHING and PRODUCTS, Picture 2of2By Forrest Fisher

Not until now, have I ever considered why fish are able to get off when I’m fishing with a giant hook and plastic worm.  They have the mechanical advantage to leverage the hook point out with a bit of a wriggle and a shake.  Some folks at Trapper Hooks have also made an adjustment to the physics principle involved by creating a new hook design.  Imagine that now, a hook for fishing and catching fish that is brand new.  I think this is an amazing invention.

My first cast with these new hooks proved my point.  I had threaded a 4-1/2 inch “Squirrel Tail” worm (Big Bite Baits) with a Tilapia-color tail onto a size 1/0 Offset Wide-Gap hook (style 20610) from Trapper Tackle and flipped to the edge of weedbed that had grown high near a drop-off.  With just one jiggle of my medium-action St. Croix rod tip, a fish inhaled the bait.  The 3-pounder came right to the top, tail-walked, jumped twice and soon after, I reached under his belly to safely boat the bass for a quick release.  He could fight again tomorrow.

For STO 02022017, FISHING and PRODUCTS, Picture 1of2The hookset felt so solid.  When I saw the hook-up point of interface, I understood why.  It was buried to the sharp-corner bend of the new shank design.  The new hook has good retention.  The sticky-sharp Piercing PointTM provides a nice path for the surgically sharp hook point to bury itself, removing the old advantage that physics and old-style hook shapes have provided to the fish.  Advantage to the angler.

In three trips so far with these new hooks, I have not lost any fish.  Reviewing the catalog, there are several design styles and several sizes, including a drop-shot hook that can be used with live bait.

This hook design changes the world of fishing and after just this simple trial on the water, it is easy to understand why.  Check ‘em out the next time you visit your tackle store or visit their web link to find out where to get ‘em: