Nosler Bullets for Plinking

  • Slight Cosmetic Imperfections
  • Bullets Meet Standards & Tolerances
  • Midsouth Shooters Supply 

By Forrest Fisher

There is target ammo, self-defense ammo, hunting ammo, plinking ammo, commercial ammo and a few other categories of ammo, but when you understand ammo, the literal meaning of the ammo type is well defined.

If you are a shooter that likes to practice safety and reload your own, you know there are times you just want to go plink and plink and plink with something more than your .22, but the cost is too high.  I love to shoot my 6mm-Remington, but bullets are hard to find, when you find them, they are expensive, but not during this sale we found. They have them, I’m excited.

Thanks to a special we found on-line, there is a sale in progress at Midsouth Shooters Supply where you can buy nearly perfect Nosler bullets with simple cosmetic imperfections for more than half-off the original cost.

Nosler Factory Seconds are now available at Midsouth Shooters Supply.  The bullets are completely functional, with only minor cosmetic blemishes.  You’ll find slight tip discolorations, water spots, and little else.  Nosler’s criteria for their bullets is of the highest standards and tolerances.  When one of their bullets doesn’t meet their nearly impossible standards, it becomes a factory second.  Nearly perfect bullets look pretty great to the supplier folks at Midsouth Shooters Supply and they’re excited to pass the savings on to their valued customers.

Pricing reflects what the 1st quality bullets sell at Midsouth’s everyday low prices, and then the discounted 2nd’s price. Quantities are limited and our blemished or 2nd’s sales always go fast! Check out the selection at this link:

See what your bench needs and load your own. Saving a little money is some of what reloading is about.