Firearm Cleaning with Otis Ripcord

  • Breech to Muzzle One-Pass Firearm Cleaning
  • Removes Entrapped Fouling Quickly 
  • For Handguns, Rifles and Shotguns


By Forrest Fisher

The Otis Ripcord is so effective I had to buy one for every caliber size in my firearm collection – for those many times when I shoot and don’t have enough time. © Copyright Otis Technology. All rights reserved.

When I first used this creative new invention from Otis to clean one of my favorite firearms at a shooting club, I squinted down the fouled barrel to verify my 30-06 needed to be de-fouled.  It was ugly in there.

While my buddies were fiddling with much more complicated cleaning systems, I needed to get this done quickly and assure I could deliver my grandson to his soccer game on time in the next 15 minutes.   Dropping the barrel of the cleaning cord down the rifle, I grabbed the end and pulled the cord through from breech to barrel exit.  Peering down the barrel one more time, I was amazed to find a glistening, shiny, internal bore surface. Wow.

I coiled up my 10-second cleaning kit (literally, 10 seconds), that is, I coiled up my Otis Ripcord and was on my way.  See ‘ya guys!

Easy, fast, effective and inexpensive.  When something like this fits my budget and my timetable for budgeted time, it needs to be in my collection of outdoor tools.  Some of the options offered for caliber sizes are shown below and listed on the Otis website at