Fishing Report: Orleans County, New York

  • Lake Ontario Trib’s: Welcome to Spring!
  • Lake Alice Fish are Biting

Today is Wednesday, April 5, 2017.

April showers may bring May flowers if it doesn’t flood them out.

The wind and rain of the past several weeks have taken their toll on the fishery in Western New York, but waterways are starting to change very slowly.

Yesterday it was a combination of both wind and rain that helped keep fishermen off of Lake Ontario in the afternoon.  The wind actually helped those who were fishing the tributaries and smaller lakes.

On Lake Alice, Perch, Bluegill, Crappie, Bullhead and Suckers were all in the mix depending on what part of the lake you fished.  Later in the afternoon when the wind really picked up, things, fishing dropped off a bit.

All of this stained to muddy water should give the Bullhead fishermen a leg up if only for a short while.

The “Oak” was pretty much muddy and blown out, but the smaller tributaries offered some better conditions with moderate flows and stained water.

When fishermen could get on Lake Ontario, some very good Brown Trout fishing was enjoyed, with sizes up from what was experienced in past years.  Browns were pushed closer to shore by the winds offering shore fishermen a great opportunity to get in on the action.

More rain is in the forecast for late this week, but then the weekend and next week will be a vast improvement.

Only a month to go before the 1st day of the Spring LOC Derby, so now is the time to prep all of your equipment and get that derby ticket so you don’t get left out.

This weekend I’ll be in Doswell, Virginia, for a fly fishing and wine tasting show, so if you’re in the area, stop by and say hello.

From Point Breeze on Lake Ontario, the World Fishing Network’s Ultimate Fishing Town USA and the rest of Orleans County.  We try to make everyday a great fishing day in Orleans County. Email: