One TINY Secret to Stabilize GIANT Outdoor Fun

My 3 outboards (from 9.9HP to 200HP),  my Sea Doo, lawnmower, 4-wheeler, pressure washer and chain saw all get a little more “LOVE” from me since I started using StarTron fuel stabilizer.  Everything runs great with this incredible engine life-saver for spring start-up fun in the outdoors.

By Dave Gray

It’s not glitzy, but it will show you some love!      

Jump on most e-commerce tackle store sites or walk into a Bass Pro Shop store and as anglers, we can browse an almost endless variety of equipment, gear, and tackle.

Today’s tackle is not only better performing, but better looking than ever. 

Rods, reels, lures, and about everything on the shelf is all jazzed up and makes you want to push two shopping carts so you can load them up. 

Even the new Plano tackle boxes are not just functional, but darn good looking containers.  So good looking it makes me want to retire my old shabby lure boxes and treat them to a new Plano.  

If you are like me, it is looking, shopping and putting new tackle in your shopping cart that is half the fun. 

It is hard to beat the fun of opening up the packages and stowing new gear in the boat.  Every angler can relate to the feeling of great anticipation.  And we know some fishing items work well for us and some disappoint.  That is OK, it comes with the sport and it is great to experiment with our tackle.

There is one item a fisherman needs where if it does not work it brings more than disappointment.  A lost day of fishing is only the beginning of what it costs if it does not work.

It is fuel additive stabilizer.  

I guess most anglers are like me.  End of season and time to store the boat.   Grab some fuel stabilizer, whatever brand they have, where you shop and dump it in.   And hope it works, so that next spring the motor runs when you want it to. 

I have not used every brand of fuel stabilizer on the market.  I used to grab any brand on the shelf.  And I have been disappointed more than once come next spring with hard starts, or non-starting engines.   I also had problems with fuel stabilizers that caused spark plugs to foul during the first spring start up. Leaving the boat on the trailer to go buy spark plugs is not a fun way to spend a first spring fishing or boating day.  

One product I came across and now ALWAYS use, is StarTron Enzyme fuel additive.  It works, and works so well, I use it in all my gas-powered equipment.    I use StarTron in 3 outboards from a 9.9hp to a 200hp.  I use it in my Sea Doo, lawnmower, 4-wheeler, pressure washer and chain saw.   And they all start and run the next season.  

Check out the engine formula type you need, order from this link:

Try StarTron Enzyme fuel treatment and it will show your equipment some love!