Spring Kings Now! Niagara USA Fishing

  • Fishing Report: April 28, 2017
  • Fishing Good, but Water Levels are High
  • Big Fish Tournaments Next Up
  • Shore Fishing in Niagara River is Good
John Van Hoff with an early spring King Salmon in Lake Ontario off the Niagara County shoreline.

Lower Niagara River trout action improved the past week and anglers have been doing well with egg sacs or emerald shiners fished off three-way rigs from boats.  Kwikfish and MagLips will also work off three-ways, but you have to make sure you are getting the wobble on the plug.  Jeff and Justin Tedesco of Lewiston were using gold Kwikfish with pink scale recently to take steelhead up to 17 pounds and they had to power troll to get the action they needed to trigger fish bites.

Devil’s Hole and Artpark have been good drifts to target, but you may have to use your trolling motor to speed you up or slow you down – depending on what bait you are using.

Shoreline casters are still tossing spoons and spinners and picking up a few trout.  Mike Rzucidlo of Niagara Falls was out on Wednesday along Artpark and he hit six lake trout, two rainbows and two smallmouth bass while casting spinners.  One of the rainbows was 12 pounds.

The LOC Derby opener is May 5 to 14. Go to www.loc.org to find out details including registration points and weigh stations.

The Lewiston smelt festival is set for May 5. For more details on that, go to the www.niagarariverregion.com.

Mike Rzcidlo with a nice Rainbow Trout he caught shore casting in the Lower Niagara River.

Lake Ontario is still in a state of emergency along the shoreline for high water levels. This isn’t really going to affect the fishing that much, but the Niagara County Sheriff is asking that boats creating a wake stay at least 500 feet from shore. This doesn’t include trolling. Caution is advised for floating debris when you are out in the lake moving around.

For fishing, it’s been a mixed bag for trollers. Stickbaits or spoons in tight to shore off boards or riggers in 10 to 25 feet of water for browns, a bit deeper for Coho salmon and the occasional king salmon.  If there is a mud line, work it.  Head out to 50 to 125 feet of water for lake trout on the bottom and Coho’s up top, too.

John Van Hoff of North Tonawanda had good king success last weekend using 5 and 7 colors of lead core and Dipsy-divers just west of the Niagara Bar and we heard other successful trollers hitting kings just west of the Bar. The key was finding good green water where it met with the clear water.

The Lake Ontario Pro-Am Salmon Team Tournament is set for May 19-21 out of Wilson and Olcott. The registration link is now live for registering. Go to www.lakeontarioproam.net.

The Wilson Harbor Invitational Tournament is May 13.  Check out www.wilsonharborinvitational.com for details.

The creeks still have trout in them but the water is stained.

The piers are questionable because of the high water levels. Don’t take any chances out there. The pier at the foot of Route 425 is currently underwater.

Yes, the water level is over 20-inches high out in the lake.

Upper Niagara River has good perch reports from all around Grand Island.  Emerald shiners are the best bait to use…if you can find them.