Orleans County/Lake Ontario Fishing Report – Nov. 28, 2017

November 29, 2017
Fishing , New York , State Reports

  • Trout/Salmon Trib Fishing is GOOD

  • Mile Weather this Week

  • Erie Canal Continues to Supply Trib Water Flow

Mild and pleasant weather conditions continue for our area well into the next week or so with just a slight chance of rain.  Fishing conditions on all of the tributaries within Orleans County are very good to great with good numbers of fish spread throughout all of the systems.

There are still some fresh salmon entering our waters which is a bit unusual for this time of year.

Water levels remain just slightly high with about 2 feet of visibility on most of the tributaries.

The Erie Canal is only partially dewatered while crews continue to work on the system.

When they have completed their work the canal should be filled again to check their work and then the final dewatering will be done. What this means for our tributaries is extra water well into December this year.

I haven't had any reports on the lower section of the "Oak" or on Lake Alice,  but December 1st is right around the corner which means the close of bass season for keeping them and the opening of catch and release season.

From Point Breeze on Lake Ontario, the World Fishing Network's Ultimate Fishing Town USA and the rest of Orleans County.  We try to make everyday a great fishing day in Orleans County.

Email: sportfishing@orleansny.com

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