December 1, 2017
Love of the Sport
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With several more weeks of Big Game Season left to enjoy in New York State (and many other states), The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation reminds hunters to put safety--your own and others'--FIRST!

Check and abide by the legal hunting hours

Check New York's official sunrise and sunset hours every time you go out hunting. They change every day and in different locations in New York State!

Watch DEC's new video on hunting safely.

Firearm Safety Rules Save Lives

  • Assume every gun is loaded.

  • Control the muzzle. Point your gun in a safe direction.

  • Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

  • Be sure you can clearly identify your target and be sure you can see what's beyond your target.

Wear Hunter Orange

Did you know...

...More than 80 percent of big game hunters wear blaze orange?

...Hunters who wear blaze orange  are seven times less likely to be shot?

...Deer cannot tell blaze orange (or pink) from green?

Both hunters shown below (one wearing camo and the other wearing  orange) are invisible to deer if they don't move. What would you want to be wearing if there were another hunter nearby with a deer between you?

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