Bristol Bay, Alaska – BREAKING NEWS, Pebble has Applied for Mining Permits

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After over a decade of threats, today the Pebble Partnership announced it will apply for permits to build a massive mine in Bristol Bay. Thousands of you have been fighting with us since we first learned about this proposal. Without your help, Pebble would already be digging up Bristol Bay and destroying our wild salmon streams.

But they’re not, thanks to your help.
Today’s news means only one thing: it’s time to get even more serious about defeating Pebble Mine and protecting Bristol Bay. 
Pebble has a long road ahead of them before they can actually start mining. They’ll need dozens of permits, more investors, and billions of dollars. With your financial support, we will be there every step of the way to defend Bristol Bay’s thousands of jobs, local cultures and way of life. 
Thank you for sticking with us as this fight heats up.
The Save Bristol Bay Campaign