How-To: TONY ROACH Ice-Fishes with Jigging Raps for WALLEYE

January 6, 2018
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By Tony Roach and Target Walleye Staff:

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Target Walleye has talked alot about using Rapala Jigging Raps for open-water 'eyes, but they also make killer hardwater baits.  Of course there's more than one way to fish 'em, but here's Tony Roach's take:

  • His go-to bait summer and winter...but downsizes to a #5 on ice.

  • Fishes it really aggressive (as fast as he can!) to get fish interested. Darts off to the sides of the hole and covers a much larger area.

  • Slows the bait down as soon as soon as he graphs a fish, but still keeps the bait aggressive and moving.

  • Doesn't tip it with a minnow head...says it screws up the action.

  • Likes 6-lb mono since it doesn't hold moisture and freeze up like braid.

More info in this Wired2Fish video where Tony is putting 'em to work on "The Big Pond." #Money

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On clear-water or high-sun days, Tony likes using colors like yellow perch or blue chrome.

In stained water or low-light conditions he uses brighter colors.



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