Trulock Dove Choke Tube TEST RESULTS With Federal High Bird Shotshells

Trulock Choke Tube Test Results TO KNOW

By George Trulock

Trulock Choke used for the test provided a 0.017 inch constriction.

We recently tested two similar dove loads from Federal using our new Trulock Dove Choke in the Mid-Range choke constriction.

The choke that we used for these specific tests was of the extended mobile style and had a .707 inch exit diameter.

The shotgun used was a Benelli Super Nova with a .724 inch bore which works out to a .017 inch constriction.

All tests were done at a measured 35 yards.

We had intended to also test our Trulock Dove Choke Long Range version but due to an increase in wind gusts that portion had to be post poned to a later date.

Shells used were Federal High Bird

The shells used were Federal High Bird loads.














One had 1.250 oz., 7.5 size shot, 1330 FPS.

Compare one target density to the other.


The other was 1.125 oz., 7.5 size shot, 1275 FPS

Note the interesting similarities and differences.

A 10-shot string was completed for each load.

Both loads gave very good patterns with minimal holes.

Both loads averaged 80% at 35 yards.

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