Fishing Report from Capt. John Oravec of Tightlines Charters: Aug. 7, 2018 – Lake Ontario, Orleans County, NY

Lake Ontario King Salmon are on the bite near Orleans County, Lake Ontario, NY.

There is a lot of great fishing going on this week off the “Oak” in Orleans County. One group of fishermen, charter and “Rec” boats are coming back to port happy by trolling 55 to 135 ft of water, mainly east of the harbor from the west end of the “Flats” to the “Devil’s Nose”. Actually, I think that if anglers launched at Bald Eagle, they will find a pile of big fish right out front and save a lot of fuel in the process.

FYI, if you have a hankering for pudgy brown trout try smaller stingers, slims and the like. Downrigged and slow-trolled weaving from 50 to 60. If a hot morning bite is your cup of tea, set up at daybreak then set up at 120 ft overall, get your speed right and watch the rods fly! One special tip: these king salmon are on the feed, low light activity is crazy. Try not to waste this prime time running gobs of lines early. Put down two or three riggers, vary your leader, drop back lengths, mark fish, vary your speed and direction and get in on the action!

Update! A little bird told me yesterday that several boats had crazy fishing fun out on the “30 line” on a big mixed bag of Chinook and whopper Steels 55 to 75 down with a 12 pound weight. This location corresponds to roughly 450 feet to 550 feet of water for any newcomers. I believe this area will become very consistent, next week as well.

Remember to go over your rig for all safety equipment which includes fresh flares, working VHF marine radio, and a fully charged cell phone. There are certain basics for a solid offshore fishing trip plan including an AM start, staying with the fleet, weather updates, plenty of fuel and an adequate crew to handle the action. This zone is shared by both up bound and down bound freighter lanes so always be aware of shipping traffic. Go to for updated vessel locations and vessel names.

Orleans County waters are now a double banded red hot fishing area. Have fun, be safe and please cull your catch, keeping larger adult fish and just the fish you wish to enjoy on the table.

Captain John Oravec,
Tight Lines Charters
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Capt. Johnny Oravec is a 43 year veteran of Orleans County charter captain of the 33 foot Trojan the “Troutman 2”. Capt Johnny has been helping Great Lakes anglers learn and develop fishing techniques by writing for the In Fisherman Magazine TV and Radio.Visit our Fishing Report on, including weather forecasts and our “At the Oak, Orleans County” Facebook feed.