A Hunter’s Role in New York State Wildlife Management

Cory Dente of Delmar NY with a 10 point buck he harvested in the 2018 early bowhunting season. Cory reported his harvest through the HuntFishNY mobile app.

Did you know that only about 50 percent of hunters report their deer, bear and turkey harvests each year, even though it’s required by law?

Did you know that a hunter can be fined up to $250 for failing to report?

Reporting a harvest within seven days of take is not only your legal obligation, it’s also essential to proper wildlife management.

When hunters report their harvest, they are playing a crucial role in the management process, providing important biological data which is used to help estimate the number of deer, bear and turkey in each area of New York State and set management objectives.

At a time when hunter numbers are declining, it’s more important than ever for hunters to take seriously their role in wildlife management, to be good role models and mentors for younger generations, and to do their part to preserve their hunting traditions.

Reporting your harvest is easier than ever, so this fall please remember to Take It, Tag It, Report It!

Visit our website for details on Game Harvest Reporting.