CAMPING in the GREAT OUTDOORS, So Good For Your Soul!

  • Sensible gear to avoid bugs, mice, snakes makes camping lots more fun
  • Choices for a truck tent, comfy pad, pillow and the right sleeping bag 
Truck tent camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors

By Larry Whiteley

The beauty of nature can easily be missed if you’re not out there camping in our great outdoors. Even if it is cool, cold, rainy, snowy or a little warm, you can still enjoy the tradition of camping if you have the right equipment.

Many tents offer the necessary shelter from the elements, but only a few are suited for cooler weather as well as summer and even winter. My camping is done in a tent that’s different than the usual tent.

I use a Kodiak Canvass truck tent with heavy canvass walls that are worth their weight in gold during cooler weather, but their ventilation system makes it just as comfortable in warmer weather.

With my truck tent I don’t have to worry about finding just the right camping spot. I don’t have to worry about wild animals and crawling bugs coming inside with me either. Anywhere I can park I can put up my tent because it is designed to be set up in the bed of my truck. To me, it’s actually a whole lot easier to set up than a regular ground tent.

There’s lots of room in a Kodiak Canvass truck tent

I have been through several thunderstorms while camping and it has never leaked. Other tents were collapsing from the wind while I relaxed in mine and read a good book. It stood up through it all. If I want to move to a different camping spot or head for home I just collapse it down into my truck bed, close my truck bed cover and I’m gone.

Everything else that I don’t need in the tent is kept inside my crew cab (or underneath it) so I am not crowded at all. It has plenty of room for my bags, my cooler and even a camp chair.

A good sleeping bag is another essential item. I also have one of the very innovative new Kodiak Canvass Z Top sleeping bags that are totally different than any other bag on the market and I love it. I don’t like being cold! It has a unique top flap that seals in my body heat and eliminates drafts.

The bag’s revolutionary design is unlike any other sleeping bag you have ever seen. It allows me to sleep in the position I am most comfortable and I can even sprawl out and keep under the covers. In warmer conditions, I fold back the top flap, or unzip and remove it.

Kodiak Canvass Z Top sleeping bag with top flap folded down

The bags zippers are lined with anti-snag strips to eliminate frustrating snags and a full-length zipper baffle to reduce any heat loss. They also lock down so they don’t crawl open in the night like my other sleeping bags did. It doesn’t have cold spots like some of my old bags did either.

It even has a pillow pocket that helps keep my camp pillow in place and I don’t wake up looking for it. The wedge-shaped foot box provides extra space, so my toes don’t get scrunched, which is something else I love. A zipper at the foot of the bag also allows me to vent the bottom when I need to. You can even buy their Booster Quilt accessory which can increase the bag’s temperature rating by up to 30 degrees if you need it.

Rather than sleeping on some kind of pad in the bed of my truck I also have a Disc-O-Bed modular cot that is wider and longer than most cots and by far the best quality camping cot on the market. Being a veteran myself it’s nice to know its steel and canvass construction is U.S. military approved.

The innovative Disc-O-Bed with inflatable Disc-Pad

It comes in a travel bag and with their modular system it is real easy to set up as a single cot, make into a bunk bed or convert to a couch. The side pockets sure come in handy for keeping items I need. To top it off, I use their very comfortable Disc-Pad inflatable sleeping pad and I sleep like a baby. My wife and I also use it at home as spare beds when the grandkids stay over.

Take my word for it, if you have a truck and you enjoy camping, you need a Kodiak Canvass truck tent and sleeping bag, as well as a Disc-O-Bed for your camping adventures. I don’t work for either of these , but I sure do love their quality products and I am pretty sure you will too. Check them out at and

Views like this outside your tent door are better than any TV show

Wherever you go camping this year make sure you take along the right tent, cot and sleeping bag, they will greatly add to your enjoyable experience.

If you have never tried, why not go discover yourself?

Why not go make a memory?

Being disconnected for just a little while from computers, smart phones and TV, as well as escaping traffic, distractions and worry is really so very good for your soul.