Florida Fun-to-Fish Programs Abound! Prizes and Awards too!

Allison Stattner is alady angler extraordinaire, the only anlger to land 50 saltwater fish species in this program.

In a fun-to-fish program designed for young and old, the Florida Saltwater Fish Life List consists of 70 species of saltwater fish. To participate, an angler must abide by the general FWC Saltwater Angler Recognition Program rules (see “General Angling Rules”).  The fish pictures shown here include photo’s of Allison Stattner, a lady angler known locally in Florida as “Reel Love,” the only member of the “50-FIsh Club” in Florida, quite an accomplishment!

Allison Stattner with a nice grouper to add to her Florida Saltwater Life List.

All Life List catches are eligible as long as they can be documented and have been caught in accordance with FWC rules. Anglers do not have to harvest their fish to be eligible and are encouraged to release catches alive.

All harvest of fish must comply with current regulations, available online at MyFWC.com/Fishing or by calling 850-487-0554. The Florida Saltwater Fish Life List publication lists the 70 species included in the program and allows anglers to record the species, date, size, and location of Life List fish caught.

Print your own Saltwater Fish Life List or request a printed Life List.

70 Species Included in the Saltwater Fish Life List Program

African pompano Bonefish Great barracuda Queen snapper Spanish mackerel
Almaco jack Bonnethead shark Greater amberjack Red drum Spinner shark
Atlantic sharpnose Bull shark Gulf flounder Red grouper Spotted seatrout
Banded rudderfish Cero Gulf kingfish (whiting) Red porgy Swordfish
Black drum Cobia Hardhead catfish Red snapper Tarpon
Black grouper Crevalle jack Hogfish Sailfish Tripletail
Black sea bass Cubera snapper Horse-eye jack Scamp Vermilion snapper
Blackfin snapper Dog snapper King mackerel Schoolmaster Wahoo
Blackfin tuna Dolphinfish Ladyfish Sheepshead Warsaw grouper
Blacknose shark Florida pompano Lane snapper Shortfin mako Weakfish
Blacktip shark Gafftopsail catfish Lesser amberjack Silk snapper White grunt
Blue marlin Gag Little tunny Snook White marlin
Blue runner Gray (mangrove) snapper Mutton snapper Southern flounder Yellowfin tuna
Bluefish Gray triggerfish Permit Southern kingfish (whiting) Yellowtail snapper

Saltwater Fish Life List Club Categories

  • 10 Fish Club: 10 total different Life List species caught to date
  • 30 Fish Club: 30 total different Life List species caught to date
  • 50 Fish Club: 50 total different Life List species caught to date
  • 70 Fish Club – Life List Master Angler: All 70 total Life List species caught to date

Submission Requirements for Life List Clubs

  • Photographs of the angler with each fish are required and may be used in various FWC publications as well as on MyFWC.com. Fish photographed should be supported horizontally using wet hands with no fingers in the fish’s gils or eyes. If not held, fish should be photographed in a rubber-coated, knotless landing net rather than lying on a dock, cooler or boat deck. Large fish should not be removed from the water or boated, as this can injure the fish.
  • Submissions that are incomplete or fail to provide full documentation of species required will result in disqualification.

Prizes for Saltwater Fish Life List Club Anglers

  • Each time an angler submits a valid application for a Saltwater Life List Fish Club, they will receive a certificate of accomplishment, various prizes, FWC saltwater publications and will become a member of the corresponding Life List Fish Club. Successful participants will also receive one raffle entry for each verified submission to the program.
  • To be eligible for prizes, anglers must comply with all rules for Saltwater Angler Recognition Programs and the Saltwater Fish Life List Program. Prizes typically arrive 4 to 8 weeks after approval (not submittal). All prizes are awarded pending availability. FWC reserves the right to deny any application for the Saltwater Fish Life List Program and to change recognition prizes at any time without notice.