We Believe

With all that is going on in the world today, we believe that the “Rules of Mother Nature” are the fairest and most inclusive of all applied sports rules. The rules of nature do not care about your gender, the tone of your skin, how you spell your name, or your age.

Take fishing for an example. Fishing is a physical sport. You decide on strategy including what lure to use and how to rig it. You must cast accurately and work the lure correctly. You wade, walk the bank, or maneuver the boat.

You can have an 8-year-old youngster, a 48-year-old bass club pro, and an 80-year-old grandmother in the same boat.  In the eyes of the fish they are all equal.

We believe participation in outdoor sports and activities creates a positive effect.


We support and contribute to these organizations and groups


  • Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnerships
  • Sportsman for the Boundary Waters
  • Back Country Hunters and Anglers
  • Conservation Heritage Foundation of MO.

Character Building Youth

  • 4-H Shooting Sports Clubs
  • Minnesota Fishing Challenge in support to Minnesota Teen Challenge
  • Coronado Area Council Scouts USA (Boy Scouts Salina Kansas)
  • Erie County (NY) Federation of Sportsman’s Clubs- Teach Me to Fish Program
  • High School and College Fishing Teams


  • Friends in Service of Heroes