• Campfire’s Light the Night

    March 20, 2019
    Larry Whiteley
    Gentle flames dance and flicker before you Light the night, cook food, share time Story-telling, memories, peaceful thinking – its magical By Larry Whiteley There’s something really special about time spent around a campfire. Smoke drifts away or gets in your face. Wood crackles and pops. Flames dance and flicker. Sparks float hypnotically upward ... Read More >>
  • Chestnut Tree Food Plot Philosophy – Bucks Fight For It

    March 19, 2019
    Morgan McCalla
    Hard Mast Crop Logic, Peter Fiduccia Explains in the Video Wildlife Nutrition Cost Effective, Easy to do Join host Peter Fiduccia and his special guest Bob Wallace from Chestnut Hill Outdoors as they share step-by-step details on planting chestnut trees. They are an ideal mast tree to supplement any wildlife food plot program. Carrying ... Read More >>
  • Let’s Talk Turkey: Pot and Box Calls

    March 9, 2019
    Dave Barus
    Condition your Calls, Learn How Friction Calls: Pot Call, Box Call No matter where you live, turkey season is not far away. In Florida, the gobbler season is already open! In Georgia, it starts two weeks away. Other states too, not far away. Yelping, clucking, purring…pot calls, box calls, locator calls – it ... Read More >>
  • Opening Day Traditions, Memories for Life

    March 5, 2019
    Brent Frazee
    Fishing, hunting, warm, cold – you gotta go! Keeping young, no matter your age Remembering my dad By Brent Frazee I have always been fascinated by the tradition involved in fishing and hunting. Opening day of deer season.   Spending time with a lifelong friend or relative in a fishing boat.  Days in the field with ... Read More >>

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