• See a Fish, Catch a Fish

    November 13, 2019
    Mike Schoonveld
    New gear today talks to us in new ways that make finding fish and trying to catch them more fun You can connect your phone, your radio, your drone…to your sonar Installation is easy, it’s all pictorial…even I could do it By Mike Schoonveld As the people point to the sonar unit on my ... Read More >>
  • Conservation Practices are Vital

    November 13, 2019
    Jason Houser
    “It is not what we have that will make us a great nation: it is the way in which we use it.” – Theodore Roosevelt By Jason Houser In my view, conservation can be broken down into three subcategories: Habitat, Wildlife, and Fish. Each plays a vital role in successful conservation practices. Within ... Read More >>
  • Alaska Trip? Start Planning Now – 4 Tips to Know

    November 10, 2019
    Forrest Fisher
    Visit Alaska – Make a Plan A love of landscape is not new in Alaska. In a place so beautiful, with the strong cultural values of Alaska Native peoples, reducing our impact on the environment is only natural. We know that sustainable travel – considering environmental, social, cultural, and business practices ... Read More >>
  • Milwaukee’s Hidden Ice-Fishing Gem

    November 9, 2019
    Jason Houser
    Fun to catch fish through the ice in a new way: “FISH ON!” Ever use the ice as a live well? Learn why. Catch, Care, Release. Walking (running) on the ice to a raised Flag…an Adventure! By Jason Houser When you think of ice fishing for big trout, the last place you probably expect ... Read More >>
  • NRA LIFE MEMBERSHIP – Right now…Half Price

    November 7, 2019
    Forrest Fisher
    Learn HOW TO PROTECT YOUR FAMILY, the program is free with membership Membership is as little as $35/yr, right now; half-price Life Memberships right now too By Forrest Fisher Perhaps the NRA should be called the Empower Yourself Association. I’m one of those folks that are careful when I travel, cautious when I ... Read More >>
  • Got the Blues? Smoke your Bluefish for a Tasty Treat

    November 5, 2019
    Karen Lutto
    Bluefish is a popular saltwater game fish found in tropical and subtropical waters around the world. In the United States, they are found from the Florida Coast to Massachusetts, and also in the Gulf of Mexico. Bluefish are caught in great quantities, and when cooked up fresh, they are delicious. ... Read More >>
  • Fall Fishing for Bass, TIPs from the PROs

    November 2, 2019
    Forrest Fisher
    Fishing in the fall for bass provides primal competition to meet with nature and the biggest fish Baits that trigger a strike are hard to find, but there is one key thing to know, read on Lure balance, hook point quality, color, rate of wobble and wiggle, all are key LIVETARGET David Walker ... Read More >>
  • South Dakota auction offers Live Bison, YOU CAN BUY ONE!

    October 31, 2019
    Dave Barus
    Live Bison are typically transported to expand herds in other parts of the country – the auction is a 54-year-old tradition at Custer State Park Wild live Bison range in size from 400 to 1500 pounds, depending on sex and age The Bison auction program is exemplary in the world of Conservation By ... Read More >>
  • 3 Billion Birds – GONE Since 1970

    October 26, 2019
    Dave Barus
    Red-winged Blackbirds, Blue Jays, White-throated Sparrows among highest losses – why have they disappeared? We have lost enormous numbers of familiar birds  Suspected contributors: climate change, habitat loss, pressure from invasive species and pesticide use To make a difference: Make windows safer – prevent window strikes, landscape with native plants, keep cats indoors, ... Read More >>
  • Musky, Steelhead, Bear & CWD-FREE Deer – the SEASON IS RIGHT in Chautauqua County, NY

    October 25, 2019
    Forrest Fisher
    Big Game Early Archery Season Started Oct. 1, ends Nov. 15, 2019 Crossbow Season Opens Nov. 2, runs through Nov. 15 Firearm Season (Shotgun, Handgun, Rifle, Crossbow, Bow) Opens Nov. 16, ends Dec. 8 Muzzleloader & Late Archery Season Opens Dec. 9, ends Dec. 17 By Forrest Fisher Chautauqua County is the land of big ... Read More >>
  • BOWHUNTERS: Dress for Success, Stay Warm, CONTROL your SMELL

    October 25, 2019
    Forrest Fisher
    The Parka and Bib are soft, quiet, flexible fleece shell fabric. The Parka has 10 pockets for storing gear and warming hands. By Forrest Fisher A month ago I met Nick Andrews from ScentLok at an outdoor meeting event and he explained the technology controlling human odor during the hunt. I’m from a ... Read More >>
  • Wildlife Trafficking Ring BUSTED in Florida, was smuggling 1000’s of turtles – all returned to wild

    October 23, 2019
    Dave Barus
    Over 600 turtles were returned to the wild Illegal commercialization of wildlife ranks 4th behind guns, drugs and human smuggling Illegal trade of turtles is having a global impact on many turtle species and our ecosystems. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has charged two suspects for poaching thousands of ... Read More >>

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