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  • GRABBIN’ SUCKERS…Fun from the Old Days

    GRABBIN’ SUCKERS…Fun from the Old Days A story about fun times from way back when I was a kid and nothing was complicated, nothing was new – and people were people through and through. By Larry Whiteley Grabbin’ suckers is age-old fun, nothing complicated, nothing new. Just ask the folks from Nixa, MO. It goes back to a time when families lived from the land. They raised pigs, ... Read More >
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  • A Talk with Dad

    A Talk with Dad Was it the owls and crickets, or the stream flowing nearby…that brought dad back into mind? The old days and the days of today, there was love in both places, but so different. It’s something about campfire smoke in the morning at sunrise, it makes your eyes wanna cry. By Larry Whiteley    He woke up from a good night’s sleep and lay there ... Read More >
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  • Overpopulation of Deer?

    Overpopulation of Deer? Warm winters, High summer nutrition, Fewer hunters = TOO MANY DEER Do we need DNR to consider additional expanded seasons? Farmers need help, Home Owners have property damage and deer disease concerns (Lyme, CWD, etc.) By Bob Holzhei Within a one-mile radius of our farm in Clinton County, MI, I counted over 40 deer. They were traveling in two different herds on our property, ... Read More >
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  • Firearm Industry Economic Impact RISES 232% since 2008

    Firearm Industry Economic Impact RISES 232% since 2008 Total economic impact for the USA firearm and ammunition industry increased from $19.1 billion in 2008 to $63.5 billion in 2019. Some 342,330 full time jobs are supported by the firearm industry, averaging $56,400 each, in wages and benefits in our economy. Over 100 hundred million law-abiding Americans rely upon the firearms and ammunition industry to  to safely enjoy the recreational shooting ... Read More >
  • Delicious Venison Gumbo – for 10

    Delicious Venison Gumbo - for 10By Fern Fisher The perfect quick-to-make meal for Super Bowl Sunday, or any other day. Most everyone has these simple ingredients in their everyday pantry. Ingredients: 2 lbs ground venison 6 cups of diced (3/8 inch) white potatoes 2 cups diced sweet white onion 2 cups sliced celery 2 cups sliced carrots 2 TBS minced garlic 1 TBS table salt 1 TBS black pepper 1 TBS basil 3 TBS salted butter Two ... Read More >
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  • Ducks and Gators forge new Wetlands Preserve Partnership

    Ducks and Gators forge new Wetlands Preserve Partnership Ducks Unlimited and the University of Florida work together for conservation at the DeLuca Preserve Land donated to the University of Florida by Elisabeth Deluca Thanks to the tremendous generosity of Elisabeth DeLuca, more than 27,000 acres of iconic Florida prairie and wetlands habitat have been permanently protected through a unique partnership between Ducks Unlimited (DU) and the University of Florida. The land ... Read More >