Orleans County, NY – FISHING REPORT for March 6, 2018

By Ron Bierstine at Oak Orchard Tackle & Lodge

Through the weekend and right now, flows in the Oak are medium or maybe just slightly more than medium.  There were reports that flows retreated yesterday and that may have just been a temporary thing.  Water color is clearing with 2 ft or more of visibility.  By steelhead standards, the conditions are real nice for productive drifts and swings up and down the river.

Weather has cooled and there is no great warm up in the immediate future.  Highs forecast in the 30’s°F or near 40°F with chance of rain or snow showers through this week.  No significant accumulations are expected.

Fishing pressure is light so far through this week.  From earlier warmer weather and higher flows, there was some spawning activity.  That may be stalled some now but fish may still be in fast water areas with greater concentrations of fish more upstream then down.  Still plenty of fish at the dam that haven’t dropped back looking to stage or spawn yet.  Most anglers getting good drifts or swings are into a few or more hook ups in an outing.

Hospitable Lake Ontario conditions (warm water temps) may cause some fish to linger before making a later-in-the-season-run.  More fresh fish should be trickling in, especially with the next warm up and/or rise in flows.

Reports are light from the other area smaller tributaries that are dropping down to moderate and clearing flows.  To the west there should be scattered steelhead for drifters and to the east there should be a brown trout/steelhead mix for swingers.  Niagara and Bar action is reported good for mixed bag species and small boat trollers or casters are into multiple hook ups when wind and waves and water color cooperate for near shore action.

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