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By Blake Tabb

Understanding chokes, pellet density, range, and percent of pellets on target at a variety of ranges will make you more successful on the target range or the next time a flock of big honkers descend on your blind.

The excited chatter of big honkers descending on the blind echoes through your head like a reoccurring dream. The big birds cup their wings, drop their feet and start to backpedal for a landing and are so close you can see the ridges on their tongues when they honk. The command is yelled to “take them!”-hunters emerge from blinds. Who can hit a moving target that can change direction in a fraction of a second?

The straight shooters in the crowd and those at the trap and skeet range are the ones who have a shotgun that fit properly. The fit of a shotgun is considerably more important than it is with rifles. The basics of shooting come into play, where a rifle is aimed, a shotgun is pointed. Your eye creates the critical line down the barrel and acts the same as the rear sight on a rifle. If your shotgun fits properly and you can mount it to your shoulder the same every time, the result should be that your shotgun shoots where you look.

The main considerations are the length of pull, drop at the comb and at the heel, but for most, it’s not critical to know those dimensions. Most important is that you mount your shotgun so your eye looks straight down the barrel where you should see the bead, but not the top surface of the rib. Many shotguns on the market come with a spacer kit and adjustable combs to help ensure a proper fit.

When your shotgun is shooting where you are looking, you can maximize your hit rate by utilizing different choke tubes. Trulock Choke Tubes specializes in constriction tubes that maximize the effective shot pattern at a specific distance and for a particular target.

Hunters often carry an assortment of chokes to maximize their shotgun pattern on decoying birds or those birds that might be a little decoy shy. Trap, skeet, and sporting clay shooters can benefit greatly by packing a close-range choke like a cylinder, skeet or improved cylinder or a mid-range choke such as skeet 2 or modified choke to break intermediate range targets.

It’s easy to spot a shooter who uses a shotgun that fits. More birds fall from the sky and more clays shatter into pieces. Choke tubes are a hunter or target shooter’s best front-end offense to hitting more targets.

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