Orleans County, NY – STREAM fishing report – November 13, 2018

By Ron Bierstine, Oak Orchard Tackle and Lodge

Some cool, fall weather is hanging in with slightly colder temps forecast through the mid-week and a chance for snow or rain showers. No significant lake effect snow is expected here on the immediate WNY big Lake Ontario Plain. The greatest impact is forecast for south of the area. Flows in the Oak are still real good by typical fall standards – slightly high and slightly stained. These higher than average fall flows are no doubt, in large part, responsible for drawing in the good mixed bag action that has been going on in the Oak. Kings are fading some now with the occasional greener fish, but it’s mostly older and zombie fish. Browns are spread out and well upstream with what’s been plenty of quality fish hooked up. Good to see plenty of those fish released. It’s been mostly males, but just lately some more females. There should be plenty of good action ahead if there are reasonable flows and weather.

Steelhead are a little less common now then earlier. It could be less over all fish numbers (a good case for an earlier season catch and release) or they could be in tight at the dam. Monday’s reports were generally good for most guys having good or better action on the Oak and other area smaller tributaries.

Smaller tributaries are now back on the drop and clearing to about moderate flows and mostly clear water color. Although fishing pressure is still up there, it is lessening and more manageable now with the chance to fish some different spots through the day as guys move out or around. All that water can, for the most part, handle the fishing pressure on the Oak. Look for continued lowering flows in the smaller waterways and the chance for sluggish fish with any more drop in water temps that could occur with some cold nights. The consistent Oak action should continue as long as there are no major or prolonged change in water flows.

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