King Salmon in Orleans County

Another happy angler caught this 26#, 38″ King with Tri-State Charters/Free Spirit Sportfishing. Nice job!

By Capt. John Oravec

They’re back! The Orleans County waters of Lake Ontario once again are teaming with big hungry king salmon. The first key area you want to hit are the 85 to 125 feet of water between the “Pump House” – a long troll – to the Little House”.  Every time the wind turns to the west, schools of matures show up. The fishing depths to rig your lure may range from 40 to 80 feet down. Myself, I am staying with an “O” Frawg spoon program. Yesterday, Ohio anglers hit them – slob to 26 # including 3 double headers! Many good boats (“rec” and charter) are having terrific action in this area. It is hot!

The Oak’s offshore waters 26.5 to 29.5 lines – that’s 280 to 500 ft of water are even hotter lately. The charters Pisces, Irish Thunder, and Reel Excitement were heard talking about crazy good action on the multi-year class king and whopper steelhead whenever safe, calm conditions allow venturing to the shipping lanes. Always keep with the fleet especially when out deep, ok! 

So there you have it! It’s a terrific August set up at the “Oak”! All ramps are open, marinas, restaurants, lodging and tackle shops are here to help visiting anglers get in on the best fishing in a decade! The Rotary Derby, as well as the LOC Derby, are underway AND FREE FISHING, courtesy of New York State, goes on through Labor Day, thanks to Governor Cuomo.

Capt John “Troutman” Oravec whoa gotta go! We got another big one on!

Notes from Orleans County Tourism:

  • We’re happy to report that Capt. John “Troutman” Oravec has returned from his sabbatical and he will resume providing weekly fishing reports.
  • This Saturday, August 17th is the first annual Keith Poland Memorial Derby – part of the King of the Oak series. Register in person at Ernst’s Lake Breeze Marina.
  • The LOC Fall Derby began this past week and runs until Labor Day, Sept. 2nd. For more info, visit
  • The Albion Rotary Fishing Derby (formerly Orleans County Derby) ends this Sunday, August 18th.  For more info, visit  Click to view the leaderboard.
  • Governor Cuomo is giving New York residents and visitors an opportunity to cast a line this summer in some of the best fishing spots in the state – Lake Ontario (including the Lower Niagara River) and the St. Lawrence River – even if they don’t have a fishing license. Through September 2, 2019, all anglers are able to fish the New York waters of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River without needing to purchase a state fishing license. Read more at the DEC website: