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  • Incredible Backyard Nature Shows

    August 26, 2023
    Dave Barus
    Incredible Backyard Nature Shows
    TV Nature Shows are great, but Backyard Nature Shows are Incredible Birds, Rabbits, Squirrels, Butterflies, Deer, and so much more…PEACE. Sunrise and Sunset are the best times to Sip a Coffee on a Quiet Chair in your Backyard. By Larry Whiteley For some of you, your only experience with nature is watching shows on ...
  • When Old Guys go Fishing – Tricks We Never Share Start with a Question

    March 30, 2023
    Forrest Fisher
    When Old Guys go Fishing - Tricks We Never Share Start with a Question
    Where to fish – an easy choice when you fish with old guys (the fish are in the water). Rigging and weighting plastic worms and alternatives. Lure selections, knot varieties, water depth: fishing factors that matter. By Forrest Fisher When young-minded friends meet on the water in Florida for a post-retirement gathering, life is ...
  • Tasty Chicken Wings…It’s Football Playoff Finger-Food Time!

    January 18, 2023
    Dave Barus
    Tasty Chicken Wings...It's Football Playoff Finger-Food Time!
    Crispy chicken wings or meaty chicken drumsticks – perfect for football games! You can fry, grill, smoke, or bake the wings at the tailgate or the house. Dust your wings with Trail Dust, Cajun Cowboy, or Pineapple Siracha seasoning for more kick. The Hi Mountain Seasonings Chicken Wing Bundle ( has everything needed ...
  • The Christmas Day Deer

    December 16, 2022
    Larry Whiteley
    The Christmas Day Deer
    An old deer, an old man, an old treestand, and the click of an old muzzleloader. Broken antler tips, a little slump to his back, a limp in his walk – it was a big old buck. The old man and the old deer looked at each other… By Larry Whiteley It was ...
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